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1995 Mazda Protege

Bought used for $8500, in August 1998, thru a classified ad in the paper. Manual shift. Green. Great mileage -- around 30 to 32 mpg.

Kept it until 2015, when it just didn't seem to have the acceleration that was needed; traded it in for the Kia Soul.

Major Repairs
11/98 30K Maintenance
03/99 EGR value
05/99 Rear End Rebuild (after being hit)
06/00 EGR value
10/01 60K Timing Belt
12/03 Drive Axle
09/04 Maintenance
05/05 Radiator Repair
01/06 Power Steering, Front Axle, Spark Plugs
03/06 EGR value
03/07 EGR value, Clutch, Thermostat
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