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Books by Topic starting with V

The Vagabond of Limbo: What is Reality, Papa?, Godard, Ribera, 1980, Dargaud, $3.98, The Vagabond of Limbo [Vagabond1980], (ISBN: 2205069500).
Val & Nadine, L. V. Burns, 2007, CB Publishing, $14.00, Val & Nadine [Burns2007], (ISBN: 0970195265).
The City of Shifting Waters, J.C. Mezieres, P. Christin, 1976, Cinebook, $11.95, Valerian [Valerian1976], (ISBN: 1849180385).
World Without Stars, J.C. Mezieres, P. Christin, 1982, Dargaud, $2.00, Valerian [Valerian1982], (ISBN: 2205065734).
Heroes of the Equinox, J.C. Mezieres, P. Christin, 1983, Dargaud, $2.00, Valerian [Valerian1978], (ISBN: 2205065750).
Welcome to Alflolol, J.C. Mezieres, P. Christin, 1983, Dargaud, $2.00, Valerian [Valerian1983], (ISBN: 2205069519).
Valerian: The New Future Trilogy, J.C. Mezieres, P. Christin, 2004, ibooks, $17.95, Valerian [Valerian2004], (ISBN: 0743486749).
Valerian: The Complete Collection, Pierre Christin, Jean-Claude Mezieres, 2017, Cinebook, $34.99, Valerian [Valerian2017], (ISBN: 184918352X).
Valkyrie!, Fred Kida, 1982, Ken Pierce, $5.95, Valkyrie [Valkyrie1982].
Valkyrie: Prisoner of the Past, Chuck Dixon, Paul Gulacy, Willie Blyberg, 1987, Eclipse Books, $6.95, Valkyrie [Valkyrie1987], (ISBN: 091303536X).
The Return of Valkyrie, Chuck Dixon, Truman, Yeates, Woch, Willie Blyberg, 1989, Eclipse Books, $19.95, Valkyrie [Valkyrie1989].
Vampirella Archives Volume One, 2010, Dynamite Entertainment, $49.99, Vampirella [Vampirella2010], (ISBN: 1606901753).
V for Vendetta, Alan Moore, David Lloyd, 1988, DC Comics, $17.50, Vendetta [Moore1988], (ISBN: 0930289625).
By the Numbers Book 1: The Road to Cao Bang, Laurent Rullier, Stanislas, 2004, Humanoids Publishing, $14.95, Victor Levallois [Rullier2004], (ISBN: 140120385X).
Visibly Vera, Cath Jackson, 1986, The Women's Press, $3.50, Visibly Vera [Vera1986], (ISBN: 0704340291).
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