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Books by Title starting with Z

Z is for Zorglub, Franquin, Greg, 1995, Fantasy Flight Publishing, $8.95, Spirou & Fantasio [Spirou1962], (ISBN: 1887911510).
Zachary Holmes Case One: The Monster, Carlos Trillo, Juan Bobillo, 2001, Dark Horse, $14.95, Zachary Holmes [Holmes2001], (ISBN: 1569717028).
Zachary Holmes Case Two: The Sorcerer, Carlos Trillo, Juan Bobillo, 2002, Dark Horse, $14.95, Zachary Holmes [Holmes2002], (ISBN: 1569717036).
Zapiro: Long Walk to Free Time, Jonathan Shapiro, 2004, Double Storey Books, $14.56, Cartoons (Zapiro) [Zapiro2004], (ISBN: 1919930736).
Zen Comics II, Ioanna Salajan, 1982, Charles E. Tuttle Company, $5.95, Cartoons (Religion) [Salajan1982], (ISBN: 0804814457).
Zen Comics, Ioanna Salajan, 1974, Charles E. Tuttle Company, $1.95, Cartoons (Religion) [Salajan1974], (ISBN: 0804811202).
Zen for Cats: Teachings of the Zen Cat Masters, Alfred Birnbaum, Riku Kanmei, 1993, Weatherhill, $9.95, Cartoons (Cats) [Zen1993], (ISBN: 0834802759).
Zen Pencils: Cartoon Quotes From Inspirational Folks, Gavin Aung Than, 2014, Andrews McMeel, $14.99, Zen Pencils [Zen2014], (ISBN: 1449457959).
Zen Pencils: Volume Two Dream the Impossible Dream, Gavin Aung Than, 2015, Andrews McMeel, $14.99, Zen Pencils [Zen2015], (ISBN: 1449471927).
Zhuangzi Speaks: The Music of Nature, Tsai Chih Chung, 1992, Princeton University Press, $18.95, Cartoons (Zen) [Tsai1992], (ISBN: 0691008825).
The Ziggy Treasury, Tom Wilson, 1977, Sheed Andrews & McMeel, $0.49, Ziggy [Ziggy1977], (ISBN: 0836207386).
Ziggy's Friends for Life, Tom Wilson, 2001, Andrews & McMeel, $10.95, Ziggy [Ziggy2001], (ISBN: 0740716050).
Ziggy's Funday Sunnies, Tom Wilson, 1983, Andrews & McMeel, $6.95, Ziggy [Ziggy1983], (ISBN: 0836212150).
Ziggy's The Z Files, Tom Wilson, 1997, Andrews & McMeel, $8.95, Ziggy [Ziggy1997], (ISBN: 0836236815).
The Zincshrinker, Willy Vandersteen, 1977, Hiddigeigei Books, $2.50, Willy and Wanda [Vandersteen1977].
Zits Busted!, Jerry Scott, Jim Borgman, 2002, Andrews McMeel, $10.95, Zits [Zits2002b], (ISBN: 0740726757).
Zits Supersized, Jerry Scott, Jim Borgman, 2003, Andrews McMeel, $14.95, Zits [Zits2003a], (ISBN: 0740733079).
Zits Unzipped, Jerry Scott, Jim Borgman, 2002, Andrews McMeel, $10.95, Zits [Zits2002a], (ISBN: 0740723227).
Zits, Jerry Scott, Jim Borgman, 1998, Andrews & McMeel, $9.95, Zits [Zits1998], (ISBN: 0836268253).
Zorro in Old California, Nedaud, Marcello, 1986, Eclipse Books, $6.95, Zorro [Zorro1986], (ISBN: 0913035122).
Zorro The Dailies The First Year (12 Apr 1999 - 9 Apr 2000), Don McGregor, Thomas Yeates, 2001, Image Comics, $18.95, Zorro [Zorro2001], (ISBN: 1582402396).
Zorro: The Complete Classic Adventures by Alex Toth: Volume Two, Alex Toth, 1998, Image Comics, $15.95, Zorro [Zorro1998b], (ISBN: 158240027X).
Zorro: The Lady Wears Red, Don McGregor, Mike Mayhew, Andy Mushynsky, 1998, Image Comics, $12.95, Zorro [Zorro1998a], (ISBN: 158240061X).
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