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Radio Patrol Lighting Strikes Twice (31 Jul 1939 - 13 Jan 1940), Eddie Sullivan, Charlie Schmidt, 2001, Pacific Comics Club, $9.50, Radio Patrol [Radio1939].
Ramparts: Unseeing Eyes, Turf, Joel Mouclier, 1990, Heavy Metal/Tundra, $14.95, Heavy Metal [Heavy1990], (ISBN: 1879450488).
Random Acts of Management, Scott Adams, 2000, Andrews McMeel, $9.95, Dilbert [Dilbert2000a], (ISBN: 0740704532).
Random Zits, Jerry Scott, Jim Borgman, 2004, Andrews McMeel, $16.95, Zits [Zits2004b], (ISBN: 0740746693).
Rapunzel's Revenge, Shannon Hale, Deal Hale, Nathan Hale, 2008, Bloomsbury, $14.99, Graphic Novel [Hale2008], (ISBN: 1599902885).
RASL, Jeff Smith, 2013, Cartoon Books, $39.95, RASL [Bone2013], (ISBN: 1888963379).
The Ray Bradbury Chronicles, Volume One, P. Craig Russell, Kent Williams, Al Williamson, 1992, Bantam Books, $4.98, Ray Bradbury [Bradbury-1], (ISBN: 0553351257).
The Ray Bradbury Chronicles, Volume Three, Tim Truman, Lebbeus Woods, Wally Wood, 1992, Bantam Books, $4.98, Ray Bradbury [Bradbury-3], (ISBN: 0553351273).
The Ray Bradbury Chronicles, Volume Two, Dave Gibbons, Ralph Reese, Daniel Torres, 1992, Bantam Books, $4.98, Ray Bradbury [Bradbury-2], (ISBN: 0553351265).
Raymond Chandler Playback, Ted Benoit, Francois Ayroles, 2004, Arcade Publishing, $19.95, Raymond Chandler [Chandler2006], (ISBN: 1559707968).
Raymond Chandler's Marlowe: A Trilogy of Crime, Dean Motter (Editor), 2003, iBooks (Simon & Schuster), $17.95, Raymond Chandler [Chandler2003], (ISBN: 0743474899).
Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe: The Little Sister, Michael Lark, 1997, Simon & Schuster (Fireside), $15.00, Raymond Chandler [Chandler1997], (ISBN: 0684829339).
Reality Check, John Grimes, 1993, Ten Speed Press, $7.95, Cartoons (John Grimes) [Grimes1993], (ISBN: 0898155444).
Reality Check, Lynn Johnston, 2003, Andrews McMeel, $10.95, For Better or For Worse [Johnston2003b], (ISBN: 0740738100).
RealLife: The Complete Year One Collection, Greg Dean, 2004, Starline Multimedia, $24.95, Real Life [RealLifeG2004], (ISBN: 0974696625).
Recess Time: The Best Cartoons from the Kappan, Kristin Herzog, 1983, Phi Delta Kappa, $6.30, Cartoons (Kappan) [Kappan1983], (ISBN: 0873677889).
Recklessly Yours: The 8th Scary Go Round Collection, John Allison, 2010, $12.00, Scary Go Round [Scary2009].
Red and Rover: A Boy, a Dog, a Time, a Feeling, Brian Basset, 2002, Andrews McMeel, $8.95, Red and Rover [RedRover2002], (ISBN: 0740721976).
Red and Rover: Fun's Never Over, Brian Basset, 2022, Andrews McMeel, $11.99, Red and Rover [RedRover2022], (ISBN: 152487471X).
Red Carpet Rose, Pat Brady, Don Wimmer, 2006, Andrews McMeel, $10.95, Rose is Rose [Rose2006], (ISBN: 0740757008).
Red One Book 1: Welcome to America, Xavier Dorison, Terry Dodson, 2015, Image Comics, $16.99, Red One [RedOne2015], (ISBN: 1632154005).
The Red Prince, Jean-Claude Bartoll, Renaud Garreta, 2018, Cinebook, $13.95, Insiders [Insiders2009], (ISBN: 1849183872).
Red Rackham's Treasure, Herge, 1959, Methuen, $2.80, Tintin [Tintin-11], (ISBN: 0316358347).
Red Ranger Came Calling, Berke Breathed, 1994, Little, Brown, $7.95, Bloom County [Bloom1994b], (ISBN: 0316108812).
Red Rascal's War, Garry Trudeau, 2011, Andrews McMeel, $19.99, Doonesbury [Doonesbury2011], (ISBN: 1449408206).
The Red Sea Sharks, Herge, 1960, Atlantic-Little, Brown, $2.50, Tintin [Tintin-15], (ISBN: 0316358487).
The Red-Headed Bombshell: Brenda Starr Reporter (19 Apr 1940 - Apr 1941), Dale Messick, 1989, Malibu Graphics, $12.95, Brenda Starr [Brenda1940], (ISBN: 0944735304).
Redrawn By Request: The Great Cartoons of J.R.Williams, J.R. Williams, 1955, Hanover House, $9.95, Cartoons (Williams) [Williams1955].
Refrigerator Art, Gary Wise, Lance Aldrich, 1996, Andrews & McMeel, $7.95, Real Life [RealLife1996], (ISBN: 0836221370).
Reg'lar Fellers in the Army, Gene Byrnes, 2015, Coachwhip, $12.95, Regular Fellers [Regular1943], (ISBN: 1616462868).
Reg'lar Fellers, Gene Byrnes, 2000, Pacific Comics Club, $9.50, Regular Fellers [Regular2000].
Reigning Cats & Dogs, Hilary Price, 2003, Andrews McMeel, $8.95, Rhymes with Orange [Rhymes2003], (ISBN: 0740733060).
Reinventing Comics, Scott McCloud, 2000, Perennial, $22.95, Analysis [McCloud2000], (ISBN: 0060953500).
The Rejection Collection, Volume 2, Matthew Diffee, 2007, Simon Spotlight Entertainment, $22.95, Cartoons (The New Yorker) [NewYorker2007a], (ISBN: 1416934014).
The Rejection Collection, Matthew Diffee, 2006, Simon Spotlight Entertainment, $22.95, Cartoons (The New Yorker) [NewYorker2006b], (ISBN: 1416933395).
Rejections, Alan Dunn, 1931, Alfred A. Knopf, $27.50, Cartoons (Alan Dunn) [DunnA1931].
Relax! This Book is Only a Phase You're Going Through, Charles Ortleb, Richard Fiala, 1978, St. Martin's Press, $4.95, Cartoons (Homosexuals) [Ortleb1978], (ISBN: 031267046X).
Religion: Ruining Everything Since 4004 B.C., Zach Weinersmith, 2016, Kickstarter, $26.00, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal [SMBC2016], (ISBN: 099745220X).
Relish: My Life in the Kitchen, Lucy Knisley, 2013, First Second, $17.99, Graphic Memoir (Food) [Knisley2013], (ISBN: 1596436239).
The Remarkable Worlds of Professor Phineas B. Fuddle, Boaz Yakin, Erez Yakin, 2001, Paradox Press, $19.95, Graphic Novel [Yakin2001], (ISBN: 1563898462).
Remembering Farley, Lynn Johnston, 1996, Andrews & McMeel, $9.95, For Better or For Worse [Johnston1996a], (ISBN: 0836213092).
The Reprieve, Jean-Pierre Gibrat, 2018, Eurocomics, $29.99, Graphic Novel [Gibrat2010a], (ISBN: 1684051916).
Res IPSA Jocular, Mark F. Bernstein, Jerry Dolezal, George Riemann, Joe Azar, 2000, The Recorder, $16.95, Cartoons (Law) [Recorder2000], (ISBN: 1588520935).
Resident Advisor, Bill Holbrook, 2006, Moonbase Press, $14.95, Safe Havens [SafeHaven2006], (ISBN: 1935933027).
The Resurrection of Doom, Bob Foster, 1989, Marvel Comics, $8.95, Disney [RogerRabbit1989], (ISBN: 0871355930).
Retail: This is So Bogus My Head Hurts!, Norm Feuti, 2006, Lulu.com, $16.95, Retail [Retail2006], (ISBN: 130465379X).
The Return of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Romano Scarpa, 2017, Fantagraphics Books, $19.99, Snow White [Disney2017], (ISBN: 1683960750).
Return of the Gremlins (1,2,3), Mike Richardson, Dean Yeagle, 2008, Dark Horse Comics, $8.97, Disney [Disney2008].
The Return of the Lone Iguana, Bill Amend, 1996, Andrews & McMeel, $9.95, Fox Trot [FoxTrot1996a], (ISBN: 0836210271).
The Return of Valkyrie, Chuck Dixon, Truman, Yeates, Woch, Willie Blyberg, 1989, Eclipse Books, $19.95, Valkyrie [Valkyrie1989].
Return to Aldebaran Episode 1, Leo, 2018, Cinebook, $15.95, Return to Aldebaran [Leo-Ret1], (ISBN: 1849184615).
Return to Aldebaran Episode 2, Leo, 2020, Cinebook, $15.95, Return to Aldebaran [Leo-Ret2], (ISBN: 1849185417).
Return to Aldebaran Episode 3, Leo, 2021, Cinebook, $15.95, Return to Aldebaran [Leo-Ret3], (ISBN: 1800440243).
The Revenge of the Baby-Sat, Bill Watterson, 1991, Andrews & McMeel, $8.95, Calvin and Hobbes [Calvin1991a], (ISBN: 0836218663).
Revenge of the Quahog, Don Bousquet, 1998, Covered Bridge Press, $9.95, Quahog [Bousquet1998], (ISBN: 1580660207).
Revenge Served Wild 2019, Bill Holbrook, 2019, Pencil Rough Productions, $22.99, Kevin & Kell [KevinKell-26], (ISBN: 1939544424).
The Reverend Mr. Punch, Michael Edwardes (Editor), 1960, A. R. Mowbray, $7.50, Cartoons (Punch) [Punch1960].
The Revolt of the English Majors, Garry Trudeau, 2001, Andrews McMeel, $14.95, Doonesbury [Doonesbury2001], (ISBN: 0740718479).
Rhoads' West, Fred Rhoads, 1972, Northland Press, $10.00, Cartoons (Western) [Rhoads1972], (ISBN: 0873581024).
Rhymes with Orange, Hilary Price, 1997, Andrews McMeel, $9.95, Rhymes with Orange [Rhymes1997], (ISBN: 0836236556).
Richard Wagner's The Ring of the Nibelung, Roy Thomas, Gil Kane, 1991, DC Comics, $19.95, Opera [Wagner1991], (ISBN: 1563890062).
Rick O'Shay The Dailies: 1958, Stan Lynde, 1998, Cottonwood Graphics, $15.95, Lynde [Lynde1958], (ISBN: 1886370095).
Rick O'Shay The Dailies: 1959-1960, Stan Lynde, 1994, Cottonwood Graphics, $18.95, Lynde [Lynde1959], (ISBN: 1886370001).
Rick O'Shay The Dailies: 1961-1962, Stan Lynde, 1995, Cottonwood Graphics, $20.00, Lynde [Lynde1961], (ISBN: 188637001X).
Rick O'Shay The Dailies: 1963-1964, Stan Lynde, 1996, Cottonwood Graphics, $20.95, Lynde [Lynde1963], (ISBN: 1886370028).
Right On Sister!, Mort Gerberg, 1971, Grosset & Dunlap, $1.25, Cartoons (Feminism) [Gerberg1971], (ISBN: 044802215X).
Right On, Luther!, Brumsic Brandon, 1970, Eriksson, $1.95, Luther [Luther1970b], (ISBN: 0839770758).
A Right to be Hostile, Aaron McGruder, 2003, Three Rivers Press, $16.95, The Boondocks [Boondocks2003], (ISBN: 1400048575).
Rina's Big Book of Sex Cartoons, Rina Piccolo, 1997, Laugh Lines Press, $9.95, Cartoons (Piccolo) [Piccolo1997], (ISBN: 1889594024).
Rio At Bay, Doug Wildey, 1992, Dark Horse, $6.95, Rio [Wildey1992], (ISBN: 1878574736).
Rip Haywire and the Curse of Tangaroa!, Dan Thompson, 2011, IDW Publishing, $19.99, Rip Haywire [RipHaywire2011], (ISBN: 1613770707).
Rip Haywire Goes Ka-Breezy, Dan Thompson, 2014, Createspace, $9.95, Rip Haywire [RipHaywire2014], (ISBN: 1502329859).
Rip Haywire Goes Kablooey, Dan Thompson, 2013, Createspace, $9.99, Rip Haywire [RipHaywire2013], (ISBN: 1494218313).
Rip in Time, Bruce Jones, Richard Corben, 1991, Fantagor Press, $8.95, Rip In Time [Rip1991], (ISBN: 0962384119).
Rip Kirby Volume Four: 1954-1956, Alex Raymond, 2011, IDW Publishing, $49.99, Rip Kirby [Kirby1954], (ISBN: 1600109896).
Rip Kirby Volume One: 1946-1948, Alex Raymond, 2009, IDW Publishing, $49.99, Rip Kirby [Kirby1946], (ISBN: 1600104843).
Rip Kirby Volume Three: 1951-1954, Alex Raymond, 2010, IDW Publishing, $49.99, Rip Kirby [Kirby1951], (ISBN: 1600107850).
Rip Kirby Volume Two: 1948-1951, Alex Raymond, 2010, IDW Publishing, $49.99, Rip Kirby [Kirby1948], (ISBN: 1600105823).
Rita Hayworth The Father of Relativity The Chickweed Dailies, Year Four: 1996-97, Brooke McEldowney, 2012, Pib Press, $21.49, 9 Chickweed Lane [Chickweed2012d], (ISBN: 0978831586).
Rizzo: Year One, Chris Riseley, Sean Simmans, 2007, King Creators United, $14.95, Rizzo [Rizzo2007], (ISBN: 0979452406).
The Road to Bliss, Stephen Hersh, 1998, Andrews McMeel, $9.95, Bliss [Bliss1998], (ISBN: 0836267486).
Road to Perdition 2: On the Road, Max Collins, 2004, Paradox Press, $14.95, Road to Perdition [Collins2004], (ISBN: 1401203574).
Road to Perdition, Max Collins, Richard Rayner, 1998, Paradox Press, $13.95, Road to Perdition [Collins1998], (ISBN: 1563894491).
The Road to Revolution! (The Cartoon Chronicles of America), Stan Mack, Susan Champlin, 2009, Bloomsbury, $10.99, Cartoons (US History) [Mack2009], (ISBN: 1599903717).
Road Trip!, Jerry Scott, Jim Borgman, 2003, Andrews McMeel, $10.95, Zits [Zits2003b], (ISBN: 0740738143).
Roadkill in the Closet, Jan Eliot, 2003, Four Panel Press, $13.95, Stone Soup [StoneSoup-04], (ISBN: 0967410231).
Robinsonia, Eric Maltaite, 2000, Eurotica, $11.95, Eric Maltaite [Maltaite2000], (ISBN: 1561632554).
RoboCop 2 The Official Adaptation of the Hit Film, 1990, Marvel Comics, $4.95, RoboCop [RoboCop1990b], (ISBN: 087135666X).
RoboCop The Official Adaptation of the Hit Film, 1990, Marvel Comics, $4.95, RoboCop [RoboCop1990a], (ISBN: 0871356651).
RoboCop Versus The Terminator, Frank Miller, 1992, Dark Horse, $12.95, Terminator [Terminator1992c].
RoboCop: Prime Suspect, John Arcudi, Leon, Albrecht, 1993, Dark Horse Comics, $13.95, RoboCop [RoboCop1993], (ISBN: 1878574876).
RoboCop: Revolution, Rob Williams, Fabiano Neves, 2010, Dynamite Entertainment, $14.99, RoboCop [RoboCop2010], (ISBN: 160690129X).
Robotman Book 2: The Untold Story, Jim Meddick, 1986, Topper Books, $5.95, Robotman [Robotman1986], (ISBN: 0886872790).
Robotman Takes Off, Jim Meddick, 1985, World Almanac Publications, $4.95, Robotman [Robotman1985], (ISBN: 0886872502).
Rocco Vargas: A Game of Gods, Daniel Torres, 2004, Dark Horse, $14.95, Rocco Vargas [RoccoVargas2004], (ISBN: 1593071906).
The Rocketeer at War, Marc Guggenheim, Dave Bullock, J. Bone, 2016, IDW Publishing, $19.99, Rocketeer [Rocketeer2016], (ISBN: 1631405845).
The Rocketeer The Official Movie Adaptation, Peter David, 1991, Hollywood Comics, $5.95, Rocketeer [Rocketeer1991b], (ISBN: 1561151904).
The Rocketeer, Dave Stevens, 1991, Eclipse Books, $8.95, Rocketeer [Rocketeer1991a], (ISBN: 0913035068).
Rockin' The Armory!, Jack Berrill, 1995, Take Five Productions, $16.95, Gil Thorp [GilThorp1995], (ISBN: 0930099109).
Rohan at the Louvre, Hirohiko Araki, 2012, (NBM) Nantier, Beall, Minoustchine, $19.99, Louvre Collection [Louvre2012], (ISBN: 1561636150).
Ronald Reagan in Movie America, Jules Feiffer, 1988, Andrews & McMeel, $7.95, Cartoons (Feiffer) [Feiffer1988a], (ISBN: 0836218299).
Ronald Reagan: A Graphic Biography, Andrew Helfer, Steve Buccellato, Joe Staton, 2007, Hill and Wang, $16.95, Bio (Reagan) [Reagan2007], (ISBN: 0809095076).
Ronald Searle's Golden Oldies 1941-1961, Ronald Searle, 1985, Pavilion, $16.95, Cartoons (Searle) [Searle1985], (ISBN: 1851451021).
A Rookie in Roberts, Ned Eller, 1942, Paso Robles Press, Cartoons (Army) [Eller1942].
The Root of All Evil, Illiad, 2001, O'Reilly, $12.95, User Friendly [User2001], (ISBN: 0596001932).
Rose Is Rose 15th Anniversary Collections, Pat Brady, 1999, Andrews McMeel, $9.95, Rose is Rose [Rose1999b], (ISBN: 0836281969).
Rose is Rose in Loving Color, Pat Brady, 1999, Rutledge Hill Press, $14.95, Rose is Rose [Rose1999a], (ISBN: 1558537880).
Rose is Rose: Right on the Lips, Pat Brady, 2003, Andrews McMeel, $10.95, Rose is Rose [Rose2003], (ISBN: 0740739557).
Rose is Rose: Running on Alter Ego, Pat Brady, 2005, Andrews McMeel, $10.95, Rose is Rose [Rose2005], (ISBN: 0740751271).
Roses in December: A Story of Love and Alzheimer's, Tom Batiuk, Chuck Ayers, 2015, Kent State University Press, $27.95, Crankshaft [Funky2015], (ISBN: 1606352342).
Roswell Walks Among Us, Bill Morrison, 1997, Bongo, $12.95, Roswell [Roswell1997], (ISBN: 0964299992).
Round the Bend, Russell Brockbank, 1948, Temple Press Books, $10.95, Cartoons (Brockbank) [Brockbank1948].
The Royals, Larry Feign, 2000, Plan Nine, $8.95, Lily Wong [LilyWong2000], (ISBN: 1929462131).
Rubes Then & Now, Leigh Rubin, 1999, Image Maker, $8.95, Rubes [Rubin1999], (ISBN: 0964469545).
Rubes, Leigh Rubin, 1988, Perigee, $4.95, Rubes [Rubin1988], (ISBN: 0399514880).
Rubyfruit Mountain: A Stonewall Riots Collection, Andrea Natalie, 1993, Cleis Press, $4.98, Cartoons (Lesbians) [Natalie1993], (ISBN: 0939416743).
Rudek & the Bear Volume 1, Peter Donahue, 2021, Peter Donahue, $15.00, Rudek and the Bear [Rudek2015], (ISBN: 0986282235).
Rudek & the Bear Volume 2, Peter Donahue, 2021, Peter Donahue, $25.00, Rudek and the Bear [Rudek2021], (ISBN: 0986282251).
Rudy Park: The People Must Be Wired, Darrin Bell, Theron Heir, 2003, Andrews McMeel, $10.95, Rudy Park [RudyPark2003], (ISBN: 0740738070).
Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book Stories, P. Craig Russell, 1997, (NBM) Nantier, Beall, Minoustchine, $16.95, Jungle Book [Russell1997], (ISBN: 1561631523).
Runtime Error: Not Invented Here Book 1, Bill Barnes, Paul Southworth, 2011, Overdue Media, $14.95, Not Invented Here [NotInventedHere2011], (ISBN: 0974035386).
Ruse: Enter the Detective, Mark Waid, Butch Guice, Mark Perkins, Laura Depuy, 2003, CrossGeneration Comics, $9.95, Ruse [Ruse2003a], (ISBN: 1593140126).
Ruse: The Silent Partner, Mark Waid, Butch Guice, Mark Perkins, Laura Depuy, 2003, CrossGeneration Comics, $15.95, Ruse [Ruse2003b], (ISBN: 1931484481).
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