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I ain't Laughing, Sir: 50 Years of GI Humor from Stars and Stripes and Yank Magazine, 1992, $1.98, Cartoons (War) [War1992].
I am Blind and My Dog is Dead, S. Gross, 1977, Dodd, Mead, $1.25, Cartoons (Gross) [Gross1977], (ISBN: 0396074731).
I Could Be Dreaming, Chon Day, 1945, Robert M. McBride & Company, $12.95, Cartoons (Chon Day) [DayC1945].
I Don't Care What It's Shaped Like ...", William Canty, 1982, Bilinda Publishing, $1.98, Cartoons (Cape Cod) [Canty1982].
I Feel I Should Warn You ..., Terry B. Morton (Editor), 1975, The Preservation Press, $5.00, Cartoons (Historic Preservation) [Morton1975], (ISBN: 0891330275).
I Feel Your Pain, Doug Marlette, 1996, Loblolly Books, $9.95, Political Cartoons (Marlette) [Marlette1996], (ISBN: 0965450503).
I Gave at the Office, Greg Howard, Craig MacIntosh, 1994, Andrews & McMeel, $8.95, Sally Forth [Sally1994], (ISBN: 0836217438).
I Knew Rufe Snow Before He Was a Road: The First Year of NETroplex Cartoons, Tim Bedison, Dave Lieber, 2000, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, $3.98, Netroplex [Netroplex2000].
I Love Lucy: A Comic Retrospective, Tom Mason, Mickie Villa (Editors), 1990, Malibu Graphics, $19.95, I Love Lucy [Lucy1990], (ISBN: 0944735525).
I Love You, I Hate You, I'm Hungry, Bruce Eric Kaplan, 2010, Simon & Schuster, $12.99, Cartoons (Kaplan) [Kaplan2010], (ISBN: 141655694X).
I Married A Mermaid!, Bill Holbrook, 2009, Pencil Rough Productions, $19.95, Safe Havens [SafeHaven2009], (ISBN: 1939544122).
I Need Help, Vic Lee, 1996, Andrews & McMeel, $7.95, I Need Help [INeedHelp1996], (ISBN: 0836221338).
I Never Promised You a Rose Parade, Tom Batiuk, 1990, NLP Marketing, $6.95, Funky Winkerbean [Funky1990b].
I Saw Elvis in My Ultrasound, Rick Kirkman, Jerry Scott, 1996, Andrews & McMeel, $9.95, Baby Blues [BabyBlues-07], (ISBN: 0836221303).
I See My Time is Up... and Other Cartoons, Howard Paris, 1968, Warner Press, $0.98, Cartoons (Religion) [Paris1968].
I Shouldn't Have to Scream More Than Once!, Rick Kirkman, Jerry Scott, 2000, Andrews McMeel, $9.95, Baby Blues [BabyBlues-13], (ISBN: 0740705571).
I Smell A Pop Quiz!, Lincoln Peirce, 2008, Newspaper Enterprise Association, $12.95, Big Nate [Nate2008], (ISBN: 0615197191).
I Thought Labor Ended When the Baby Was Born, Rick Kirkman, Jerry Scott, 1994, Andrews & McMeel, $8.95, Baby Blues [BabyBlues-04], (ISBN: 0836217446).
I Thought You Would Be Funnier, Shannon Wheeler, 2010, Boom! Town, $17.99, Cartoons (Wheeler) [Wheeler2010], (ISBN: 1608860949).
I Told You So, You Blockhead!, Charles M. Schulz, 1999, HarperResource, $8.95, Peanuts [Peanuts1999c], (ISBN: 0061075620).
I Was the Cat, Paul Tobin, Benjamin Dewey, 2014, Oni Press, $24.99, Grapic Novel [Tobin2014], (ISBN: 1620101394).
I'd Kill to Be a Widow: Reflections on Divorce, Betty Catron, 1994, Betty Catron, $8.95, Cartoons (Divorce) [Catron1994], (ISBN: 1568750641).
I'm Flying, Jack ... I Mean, Roger, Bill Amend, 1999, Andrews McMeel, $9.95, Fox Trot [FoxTrot1999], (ISBN: 0740700049).
I'm in Training To Be Tall and Blonde, Nicole Hollander, 1979, St. Martin's Press, $4.95, Sylvia [Sylvia1979], (ISBN: 0312401655).
I'm Ink, Therefore I am!, Phil Frank, 1997, Pomegranate, $12.95, Farley [Farley1997], (ISBN: 0764903586).
I'm No Quack, Danny Shanahan, 2005, Harry N. Abrams, $19.95, Cartoons (Shanahan) [Shanahan2005b], (ISBN: 081095799X).
I'm not Anti-Business, I'm Anti-Idiot, Scott Adams, 1998, Andrews McMeel, $9.95, Dilbert [Dilbert1998a], (ISBN: 0836251822).
I'm Not Grown-upping: The Buckets Cartoons from Your Life, Greg Cravens, 2017, Createspace, $19.99, Buckets [Buckets2017], (ISBN: 1976028329).
I'm Pretty Sure I've Got My Death-Ray in Here Somewhere (Autographed), Sam Hurt, 1982, Charles McGarry, $4.95, Eyebeam [Eyebeam-1], (ISBN: 0961166002).
I'm Ready For My Movie Contract, Darby Conley, 2007, Andrews McMeel, $10.95, Get Fuzzy [Fuzzy2007b], (ISBN: 0740769227).
I'm Warning You, Horse ..., Murray Ball, 1984, Orin Books, $3.48, Footrot Flats [Footrot1984b], (ISBN: 0959226370).
I've Still Got It!, Tom Batiuk, Chuck Ayers, 1995, Andrews McMeel, $9.95, Crankshaft [Funky1995], (ISBN: 0836204190).
Ian Fleming's James Bond 007: Serpent's Tooth, Doug Moench, Paul Gulacy, 1995, Dark Horse Comics, $15.95, James Bond [Bond1995], (ISBN: 1878574787).
Ice Breakers: A New Yorker Book of Cartoons, 2005, Cartoon Bank Press, Cartoons (The New Yorker) [NewYorker2005b].
Ice Lake Hit: Volume 3, T. Saito, 1986, Lead Publishing, $9.95, Golgo 13 [Golgo1986-03], (ISBN: 4947538619).
If Cats Could Talk, P.C. Vey, 1991, Plume, $3.50, Cartoons (Cats) [Vey1991], (ISBN: 0452266424).
If I Quit Baseball, Will You Still Love Me?, Jeff Millar, Bill Hinds, 1976, Sheed & Ward, $2.25, Tank McNamara [Tank1976b], (ISBN: 0836206770).
If I'm a Stay-At-Home Mom, Why Am I Always in the Car?, Rick Kirkman, Jerry Scott, 1999, Andrews & McMeel, $9.95, Baby Blues [BabyBlues-11], (ISBN: 0836278453).
If Mistakes Are Learning Experiences, Then I Should Have My Doctorate, Frank Page, 2008, Purple Cloud, $9.95, Bob the Squirrel [Bob2008a].
If New York City Was the World, John Kershbaum, 1994, Citadel Press, $8.95, Cartoons (New York City) [Kershbaum1994], (ISBN: 0806515732).
If You Can't Say Something Nice..., Doug Marlette, 1978, Graphic Press, $1.00, Political Cartoons (Marlette) [Marlette1978], (ISBN: 0892840021).
If You Didn't Want Grits, How Come You Ordered Breakfast?, Jake Vest, 1990, Sentinel Communications Company, $10.95, Jake [Jake1990], (ISBN: 0941263177).
If You Loved Me, You'd Think This Was Cute, Nick Galifianakis, 2010, Andrews McMeel, $12.99, Cartoons (Relationships) [Galifianakis2010], (ISBN: 0740799479).
Igor Movie Prequel, Dara Naraghi, Grant Bond, 2008, IDW Publishing, $17.99, Movie (Igor) [Movie2008], (ISBN: 160010262X).
Illiterature: Story Minutes Volume 1, Carol Lay, 2012, Boom! Town, $14.99, Cartoons (Lay) [Lay2012], (ISBN: 1608862828).
An Illustrated Guide to Shark Etiquette, Jim Toomey, 2000, Andrews McMeel, $9.95, Sherman's Lagoon [ShermansLagoon2000], (ISBN: 0740712470).
Immortal Enemies, Terry Moore, 1998, Abstract Studio, $14.95, Strangers in Paradise [Strangers1998a], (ISBN: 1892597047).
Impossible People, Elizabeth Hayklan, 1938, Hutchinson, $5.00, Cartoons (Hayklan) [Hayklan1938].
An Impossible Ransom, Alain Henriet, Joel Callede, 2014, Cinebook, $11.95, Damocles [Damocles2009], (ISBN: 1849182337).
In Bob We Trust ...maybe, Frank Page, 2010, Purple Cloud, $9.95, Bob the Squirrel [Bob2010c].
In France Nothing is Simple, J.-J. Sempe, 1964, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, $1.00, Cartoons (Sempe) [Sempe1964].
In God We Trust, Winshluss, Vincent Paronnaud, 2014, Knockabout, $17.99, Cartoons (Religion) [Winshluss2014], (ISBN: 0861662350).
In Search of the Far Side, Gary Larson, 1984, Andrews, McMeel & Parker, $5.95, The Far Side [FarSide1984], (ISBN: 0836220609).
In Search of the G Spot, Stan Mack, Thom Roberts, 1982, Plume, $3.95, Cartoons (Sex) [Mack1982], (ISBN: 0452253942).
In Shark Years, I'm Dead, Jim Toomey, 2006, Andrews McMeel, $16.95, Sherman's Lagoon [ShermansLagoon2006a], (ISBN: 0740757024).
In Stitches, 2002, Trafford, $11.95, Cartoons (Stitches) [Stitches2002], (ISBN: 1553954025).
In The Shadow of the Derricks, Morris, R. Goscinny, 1971, Cinebook, $9.99, Lucky Luke [Lucky-5], (ISBN: 1905460171).
The Incal #1: Orphan of the City Shaft, Alexandro Jodorowsky, Zoran Janjetov, Moebius, 2001, Humanoids Publishing, $17.95, Incal [Incal2001], (ISBN: 1930652348).
The Incal #2: John Difool, Class "R" Detective, Alexandro Jodorowsky, Zoran Janjetov, Moebius, 2002, Humanoids Publishing, $17.95, Incal [Incal2002], (ISBN: 1930652852).
The Incal, Alexandro Jodorowsky, Moebius, Yves Chaland, Isabelle Beaumeney-Joannet, Zoran Janjetov, 2014, Humanoids Publishing, $44.95, Incal [Incal2014], (ISBN: 1594650934).
The Incredibles: City of Incredibles, Pixar, 2010, Boom Kids, $9.99, The Incredibles [Incredibles2010a], (ISBN: 1608865037).
The Incredibles: Family Matters, Pixar, 2010, Boom Kids, $9.99, The Incredibles [Incredibles2010b], (ISBN: 1934506834).
The Incredibles: Secrets & Lies, Pixar, 2009, Boom Kids, $9.99, The Incredibles [Incredibles2009], (ISBN: 1608865835).
The Incredibles: Truth & Consequences, Pixar, 2011, Boom Kids, $9.99, The Incredibles [Incredibles2011], (ISBN: 1608866033).
The Incredibles, Pixar, 2005, Dark Horse Books, $12.95, The Incredibles [Incredibles2005], (ISBN: 1593073542).
The Indelible Alison Bechdel, Alison Bechdel, 1998, Firebrand Books, $18.35, Dykes to Watch Out For [Bechdel1998a], (ISBN: 1563410966).
Independence Day, 1996, Marvel Comics, $6.95, Movie (Independence Day) [Movie1996], (ISBN: 0785102264).
Indian Lover: Sam Houston & the Cherokees, Jack Jackson, 1999, Mojo Press, $14.95, Jack Jackson [Jackson1999b], (ISBN: 1885418205).
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, 2008, Dark Horse, $12.95, Indiana Jones [IndianaJones2008c], (ISBN: 1593079524).
Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods, 2009, Dark Horse, $14.95, Indiana Jones [IndianaJones2009a], (ISBN: 159582247X).
Indiana Jones Omnibus: The Further Adventures Volume 1, 2009, Dark Horse, $24.95, Indiana Jones [IndianaJones2009b], (ISBN: 1595822461).
Indiana Jones Omnibus: The Further Adventures Volume 2, 2009, Dark Horse, $24.95, Indiana Jones [IndianaJones2009c], (ISBN: 1595823360).
Indiana Jones Omnibus: The Further Adventures Volume 3, 2010, Dark Horse, $24.99, Indiana Jones [IndianaJones2010], (ISBN: 1595824375).
Indiana Jones Omnibus: Volume 1, 2008, Dark Horse, $24.95, Indiana Jones [IndianaJones2008a], (ISBN: 1593078870).
Indiana Jones Omnibus: Volume 2, 2008, Dark Horse, $24.95, Indiana Jones [IndianaJones2008b], (ISBN: 1593079532).
The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson, 1992, Andrews & McMeel, $12.95, Calvin and Hobbes [Calvin1992c], (ISBN: 0836218981).
The Inexorables (1942-1943), Lee Falk, Ray Moore, Wilson McCoy, 1993, Pacific Comics Club, $9.50, Phantom [Phantom1942].
Informagic, Jean-Pierre Petit, 1980, John Murray, $4.48, The Adventures of Archibald Higgins [Higgins1980a], (ISBN: 0719539811).
An Informal Biography of Scrooge McDuck, Jack L. Chalker, 1974, Mirage Press, $5.00, Uncle Scrooge [DisneyScrooge1974], (ISBN: 0883585022).
An Informal Gathering, Pat Oliphant, 1978, Simon & Schuster, $5.39, Political Cartoons (Oliphant) [Oliphant1978], (ISBN: 0671240315).
Ink Pen, Phil Dunlap, 2009, Andrews McMeel, $12.99, Ink Pen [InkPen2009], (ISBN: 0740780956).
Inmates in the Institution of Marriage, Gary Wise, Lance Aldrich, 2007, Lulu.com, $9.95, Real Life [RealLife2007].
Innocent, Your Honor, Danny Shanahan, 2005, Harry N. Abrams, $19.95, Cartoons (Shanahan) [Shanahan2005a], (ISBN: 081095902X).
Insincerely Yours, Dana Fradon, 1978, Charles Scribner's Sons, $1.25, Cartoons (Business) [Fradon1978], (ISBN: 0684155788).
Instant Cartoons for Church Newsletters 3, George W. Knight, 1986, Baker Book House, $4.95, Cartoons (Religion) [Knight1986], (ISBN: 0801054737).
Integration is a Bitch!, Thomas W. Floyd, 1969, Opinion News Syndicate, $0.98, Cartoons (Race) [Floyd1969].
The Interactive Toaster, S. Harris, 1996, Crisp, $12.95, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1996c], (ISBN: 1560524081).
Interlibrary Loan Sharks and Seedy Roms, Benita Epstein, 1998, McFarland & Company, $5.69, Cartoons (Library) [Epstein1998], (ISBN: 0786404655).
International Maid of Mystery, S. Francis, H. Dugmore, Rico, 1999, David Philip Publishers, $15.00, Madam and Eve [MademEve1999], (ISBN: 0864864434).
Into the Wolves' Lair: Volume 1, T. Saito, 1986, Lead Publishing, $9.95, Golgo 13 [Golgo1986-01], (ISBN: 4947538570).
Introducing Chaos, Ziauddin Sardar, Iwona Abrams, 1998, Totem Books, $9.95, Education [Introducing2008], (ISBN: 1848310137).
Introducing Kafka, David Zane Mairowitz, Robert Crumb, 1993, Totem Books, $11.95, Bio (Kafka) [Kafka1993], (ISBN: 1840461225).
Introducing Quantum Theory, J. P. McEvoy, Oscar Zarate, 1996, Totem Books, $9.95, Education [Introducing2007], (ISBN: 1840468505).
Invasion of the Dykes to Watch Out For, Alison Bechdel, 2005, Alyson Books, $14.95, Dykes to Watch Out For [Bechdel2005], (ISBN: 1555838332).
Invasion of the Goth 2014, Bill Holbrook, 2014, Pencil Rough Productions, $19.95, Fastrack [Fastrack2014], (ISBN: 1939544335).
Invisible Emmie, Terri Libenson, 2017, Balzer + Bray, $10.99, Pajama Diaries [Pajama2017], (ISBN: 0062484931).
The Invisible Man, H.G. Wells, 1997, Acclaim Books, $2.48, Classics Illustrated [Classics-153a], (ISBN: 1578400465).
The Invisible Man, H.G. Wells, 2017, CCS Books, $12.75, Classics Illustrated [Classics-153c], (ISBN: 1910619744).
The Invisible Man, H.G. Wells, 2018, Insight Comics, $24.99, Classics Illustrated [Classics-153b], (ISBN: 1683832027).
IR$: Blue Ice, Bernard Vrancken, Stephen Desberg, 2008, Cinebook, $19.95, IR$ [IRS-2], (ISBN: 1905460740).
IR$: Corporate America, Bernard Vrancken, Stephen Desberg, 2014, Cinebook, $11.95, IR$ [IRS-5], (ISBN: 1849182167).
IR$: Silicia, Inc., Bernard Vrancken, Stephen Desberg, 2009, Cinebook, $11.95, IR$ [IRS-3], (ISBN: 184918013X).
IR$: Taxing Trails, Bernard Vrancken, Stephen Desberg, 2008, Cinebook, $19.95, IR$ [IRS-1], (ISBN: 1905460511).
IR$: The Black Gold War, Bernard Vrancken, Stephen Desberg, 2014, Cinebook, $11.95, IR$ [IRS-6], (ISBN: 1849182361).
IR$: The Corrupter, Bernard Vrancken, Stephen Desberg, 2010, Cinebook, $11.95, IR$ [IRS-4], (ISBN: 184918030X).
Ireland: A Graphic History, Morgan Llywelyn, Michael Scott, 1995, Element Books, $16.95, Graphic Novel (Ireland) [Ireland1995], (ISBN: 1852306270).
The Iron Hand, Scott Chantler, 2016, Kids Can Press, $7.95, Three Thieves [Chantler-7], (ISBN: 1771380535).
Ironclads at War: The Monitor vs the Merrimac, Dan Abnett, Ron Wagner, Dheeraj Verma, 2007, Osprey Publishing, $9.95, History (War) [History2007-8], (ISBN: 1846030536).
The Irresistible Rose is Rose, Pat Brady, 2000, Andrews McMeel, $9.95, Rose is Rose [Rose2000], (ISBN: 0740705547).
Is He Biting Again?, Neil Matterson, 1984, Marion Books, $1.00, Cartoons (Baby) [Matterson1984], (ISBN: 0959326154).
Is It Anyone We Know?, George Price, 1944, Murray Hill Books, $6.50, Cartoons (Geo. Price) [Price1944a].
Is That All There Is?, Joost Swarte, 2012, Fantagraphics Books, $35.00, Joost Swarte [Swarte2012], (ISBN: 1606995103).
Is There Intelligent Life on Earth?, Alan Dunn, 1960, Simon & Schuster, $5.25, Cartoons (Alan Dunn) [DunnA1960].
An Island Called Hoboken, Willy Vandersteen, 1976, Hiddigeigei Books, $2.50, Willy and Wanda [Vandersteen1976].
Israel's Comic Strip: Dry Bones, Yaakov Kirschen, 1976, Cherryfield Associates, $5.00, Political Cartoons (Israel) [Israel1976].
Israel's Funniest Hour, 1967, Acme News, $1.00, Political Cartoons (Israel) [Israel1967].
It Came From Beneath the Pew, Rob Suggs, 1989, InterVarsity Press, $3.48, Cartoons (Religion) [Suggs1989], (ISBN: 083081261X).
It Doesn't Matter Because You're Probably Not Gonna Buy This Book Anyway, Frank Page, 2011, Purple Cloud, $9.95, Bob the Squirrel [Bob2011].
It Rhymes With Lust, Arnold Drake, Leslie Waller, 2007, Dark Horse, $14.95, Graphic Novel [Drake1949], (ISBN: 1593077289).
It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time, Jan Eliot, 2014, Four Panel Press, $15.95, Stone Soup [StoneSoup-10], (ISBN: 0967410290).
It Seems Like Only Yesterday, Jay Darling, 1946?, $10.00, Political Cartoons (Ding) [Darling1946].
It Shouldn't Happen --, Don Freeman, 1945, Harcourt, Brace & Company, $3.00, Cartoons (War) [Freeman1945].
It's a Bird's Life, Hargreaves, 1965, Museum Press, $2.00, Cartoons (Hargreaves) [Hargreaves1965].
It's a Cat's Life, David Sipress, 1992, Plume, $5.95, Cartoons (Sipress) [Sipress1992], (ISBN: 0452267587).
It's a Funny World!, Gurney Williams (Editor), 1943, Robert M. McBride & Company, $3.95, Cartoons (Colliers) [Colliers1943].
It's a Good Life, If You Don't Weaken, Seth, 1996, Drawn & Quarterly, $12.95, Graphic Novel [Seth1996], (ISBN: 1896597068).
It's a Jungle Out There, S. Francis, H. Dugmore, Rico, 1998, David Philip Publishers, $15.00, Madam and Eve [MademEve1998b], (ISBN: 0864864116).
It's a Magical World, Bill Watterson, 1996, Andrews & McMeel, $14.95, Calvin and Hobbes [Calvin1996b], (ISBN: 0836221362).
It's a Mom's Life!, David Sipress, 1988, Plume, $4.95, Cartoons (Sipress) [Sipress1988], (ISBN: 0452260671).
It's A Tough War, 1943, Garden City, $5.00, Cartoons (War) [War1943].
It's Adventure Time With Secret Agent Corrigan (2 Apr 1980 - 18 Oct 1980), George Evans, 2003, John Zawadzki, $4.99, Secret Agent Corrigan [Corrigan2003].
It's All About You, Tony Murphy, 2009, Lulu.com, $16.95, It's All About You [Its2009], (ISBN: 0557201128).
It's All in the Family -- Good Housekeeping, Stan, Jan Berenstain, 1985, Ballantine, $5.95, Cartoons (Berenstain) [Berenstain1985], (ISBN: 0345326938).
It's All in the Family -- McCalls, Stan, Jan Berenstain, 1958, E.P. Dutton, $5.00, Cartoons (Berenstain) [Berenstain1958].
It's All Mine and You Can't Have It!, Leonard M. Cachola, 2002, PageFree Publishing, $11.95, Innies and Outies [Innies2002], (ISBN: 1930252927).
It's All True!, Scott A. Gilbert, 1995, Apeshot Studios, $4.95, Cartoons (Gilbert) [Gilbert1995].
It's Always a Great Day to be the Boss, Charlos Gary, 2006, Sourcebooks Hysteria, $9.95, Working It Out [Working2006], (ISBN: 1402208006).
It's Better With Your Shoes Off, Anne Cleveland, 1985, Charles E. Tuttle Company, $3.98, Japan [Japan1955], (ISBN: 0804811970).
It's Hard to Comb a Grass Toupee, Mark Heath, 2007, Andrews McMeel, $12.95, Spot the Frog [Spot2007], (ISBN: 0740763539).
It's Obvious You Won't Survive By Your Wits Alone, Scott Adams, 1995, Andrews & McMeel, $12.95, Dilbert [Dilbert1995b], (ISBN: 0836204158).
It's Only a Game, Charles M. Schulz, Jim Sasseville, 2004, About Comics, $14.95, Peanuts [Peanuts2004c], (ISBN: 0971633894).
It's Smart to be People, George Price, 1942, Farrar & Rinehart, $4.50, Cartoons (Geo. Price) [Price1942].
It's Still a Mom's Life, David Sipress, 1993, Plume, $6.00, Cartoons (Sipress) [Sipress1993], (ISBN: 0452268672).
It's the Thought That Counts, Lynn Johnston, 1994, Andrews & McMeel, $12.95, For Better or For Worse [Johnston1994], (ISBN: 0836217624).
Iznogoud and the Jigsaw Turk, R. Goscinny, Tabary, 2014, Cinebook, $11.95, Iznogoud [Iznogoud2012], (ISBN: 1849182094).
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