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E-mail This Book!, The Cartoon Bank, 1996, Alfred A. Knopf, $17.00, Cartoons (Computers) [CartoonBank1996], (ISBN: 0679450858).
The Early Years of Mutt and Jeff, Bud Fisher, 2007, (NBM) Nantier, Beall, Minoustchine, $24.95, Mutt and Jeff [Mutt2007], (ISBN: 1561635022).
Earthtoons: The First Book of Eco-humor, Stan Eales, 1991, Warner Books, $9.99, Cartoons (Ecology) [Eales1991], (ISBN: 0446393614).
East of Fifth: The Story of an Apartment House, Alan Dunn, 1948, Simon & Schuster, $13.00, Cartoons (Alan Dunn) [DunnA1948].
Eat, Drink and Remarry: What Women Really Think About Divorce, Roz Warren (Editor), 2000, Hysteria, $8.95, Cartoons (Marriage) [Warren2000], (ISBN: 1887166653).
Eat, Drink, and Be Hairy!, Phil Frank, 2005, Yosemite Association, $13.95, Farley [Farley2005], (ISBN: 1930238215).
Echoes, Mike Richardson, Gabriel Guzman, Java Tartaglia, 2016, Dark Horse, $14.99, Graphic Novel [Richardson2016], (ISBN: 150670123X).
Ed Fisher's Domesday Book, Ed Fisher, 1961, St. Martin's Press, $12.00, Cartoons (Fisher) [Fisher1961].
Ed Fisher's First Folio, Ed Fisher, 1959, Macmillan, $6.00, Cartoons (Fisher) [Fisher1959].
Edge City, Terry LaBan, Patty LaBan, 2007, Andrews McMeel, $12.95, Edge City [EdgeCity2007], (ISBN: 0740763563).
Edie Ernst, USO Singer - Allied Spy, Brooke McEldowney, 2011, Pib Press, $19.99, 9 Chickweed Lane [Chickweed2011], (ISBN: 0978831543).
The Edison Files: Notes From the Lab, John Hambrock, 2010, Liddle Press, $21.95, Edison Lee [Edison2010], (ISBN: 0615399908).
Editorial and Political Cartooning, Syd Hoff, 1976, Stravon Educational Press, $7.98, Political Cartoons (General) [Hoff1976], (ISBN: 0873960785).
The Educated Woman, Anne Cleveland, Jean Anderson, 1960, E.P. Dutton, $4.95, Cartoons (Vassar) [Vassar1960].
EduManga: Albert Einstein, Isao Himuro, 2006, Digital Manga Publishing, $9.95, Bio (Einstein) [Einstein2006], (ISBN: 1569709750).
Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Tweed, Sam Hurt, 1985, Blunt Books, $5.95, Eyebeam [Eyebeam-3], (ISBN: 0961166029).
Eggbert, Laf, 1960, Simon & Schuster (Fireside), $1.98, Eggbert [Eggbert1960], (ISBN: 067122042X).
Eggburt and other Navy Cartoons, Earle Chesney, 1945, Anderson House, $4.95, Cartoons (Navy) [Chesney1945].
Eight Yards, Down and Out, Bill Amend, 1992, Andrews & McMeel, $8.95, Fox Trot [FoxTrot1992a], (ISBN: 0836218841).
Einstein Atomized, S. Harris, 1996, Copernicus, $14.00, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1996a], (ISBN: 0387946659).
Einstein For Beginners, Joseph Schwartz, Michael McGuinness, 1979, Pantheon Books, $7.95, Education [Einstein1979], (ISBN: 0679725105).
Einstein Simplified: Cartoons on Science, S. Harris, 1989, Rutgers University Press, $9.95, Cartoons (S.Harris) [Harris1989], (ISBN: 081351410X).
Einstein, 2007, YKids, $14.95, Bio (Einstein) [Einstein2007], (ISBN: 981054944X).
The Elderberries, Phil Frank, Joe Troise, 2008, Andrews McMeel, $12.99, The Elderberries [Elder2008], (ISBN: 0740773682).
The Elders (Retired), Bill Newmeyer, Frank Gompert, 1989, Moody Press, $4.95, The Elders [Elders1989].
Elektra Assassin, Frank Miller, Bill Sienkiewicz, 2000, Marvel Comics, $24.95, Graphic Novel (Miller) [Miller2000], (ISBN: 0871353091).
The Elephant Book, Robert Leydenfrost, 1979, The Permanent Press, $3.95, Cartoons (Elephants) [Leydenfrost1979], (ISBN: 0932966039).
Eleven Months Early, Christopher Baldwin, 2003, C.Baldwin, $10.00, Bruno [Bruno2003], (ISBN: 0966757483).
Elflord: Book One, Barry Blair, Colin Chan, 1996, Mad Monkey Press, $6.95, Elflord [Elflord1996].
Elizabeth I: The Life of England's Renaissance Queen, Rob Shone, Anita Ganeri, Terry Riley, 2005, Rosen Publishing Group, $14.05, Graphic Novel [Elizabeth2005], (ISBN: 1404251731).
Elvis Puffs Out, Georgia Dunn, 2020, Andrews McMeel, $11.99, Breaking Cat News [BreakCat2020b], (ISBN: 1524858196).
Emerald City: The Book, Jesse Springer, 1997, Otis Productions, $5.95, Emerald City [Emerald1997], (ISBN: 0842036873).
The Enchanting Rose, Pat Brady, Don Wimmer, 2007, Andrews McMeel, $12.95, Rose is Rose [Rose2007], (ISBN: 0740765558).
Encyclopedias Brown and White, Bill Amend, 2001, Andrews McMeel, $8.95, Fox Trot [FoxTrot2001b], (ISBN: 0740718509).
The Enigma of Al Capp, Alexander Theroux, 1999, Fantagraphics Books, $6.95, Al Capp [LilAbner1999], (ISBN: 1560973404).
An Enola Holmes Mystery: 1. The Case of the Missing Marquess, Serena Blasco, 2018, Eurocomics, $14.99, Enoloa Holmes [SherlockEnola2015], (ISBN: 1684053366).
An Enola Holmes Mystery: 2. The Case of the Left-Handed Lady, Serena Blasco, 2019, Eurocomics, $14.99, Enoloa Holmes [SherlockEnola2016], (ISBN: 1684054729).
An Enola Holmes Mystery: 3. The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets, Serena Blasco, 2020, Eurocomics, $14.99, Enoloa Holmes [SherlockEnola2020], (ISBN: 168405642X).
Enormously Fox Trot, Bill Amend, 1994, Andrews & McMeel, $12.95, Fox Trot [FoxTrot1994b], (ISBN: 0836217594).
Enough Time? The Pattern of Executive Life, Eric Hodgins, 1959, Doubleday, $5.00, Cartoons (Business) [Hodgins1959].
Ensign Eager U.S.N.R., W.M.J. Marnec, 1945, Korst, $8.00, Cartoons (War) [Marnec1945].
Erik the Viking, Terry Jones, 1989, Robson Books, $9.95, Erik the Viking [Erik1989], (ISBN: 0860516318).
Ernie and the Piranha Club 1995-1996 (Volume 4), Bo Grace, 2017, Squid, $10.00, Ernie [Ernie1995], (ISBN: 0988709864).
Ernie and the Piranha Club 2009-2010 (Volume 11), Bo Grace, 2016, Squid, $10.00, Ernie [Ernie2009], (ISBN: 098870983X).
Ernie: Out of Control, Bud Grace, 1996, Andrews & McMeel, $9.95, Ernie [Ernie1996], (ISBN: 0836221230).
Eros and Thanatos, Alain Henriet, Joel Callede, 2015, Cinebook, $11.95, Damocles [Damocles2011], (ISBN: 1849182809).
Ersatz: The Mo Willems Sketchbook 1995, Sam Pratt (Editor), 1995, Ersatz, $2.00, Ersatz [Ersatz1995].
Esquire Cartoon Album, 1957, Esquire, $20.00, Cartoons (Esquire) [Esquire1957].
The Essential Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson, 1988, Andrews & McMeel, $12.95, Calvin and Hobbes [Calvin1988b], (ISBN: 0836218051).
The Essential Charles Barsotti, Lee Lorenz (Editor), 1998, Workman Publishing, $10.95, Cartoons (Barsotti) [Barsotti1998], (ISBN: 0761109528).
The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For, Alison Bechdel, 2008, Houghton Mifflin, $25.00, Dykes to Watch Out For [Bechdel2008], (ISBN: 0618968806).
The Essential George Booth, Lee Lorenz (Editor), 1998, Workman Publishing, $10.95, Cartoons (Booth) [Booth1998], (ISBN: 0761112510).
The Essential Jack Ziegler, Lee Lorenz (Editor), 2000, Workman Publishing, $12.95, Cartoons (Ziegler) [Ziegler2000], (ISBN: 076111758X).
Ethel & Ernest, Raymond Briggs, 1998, Jonathan Cape, $30.00, Cartoons (Briggs) [Briggs1998], (ISBN: 0224046624).
Ettatorials: The Best of Etta Hulme, Etta Hulme, 1998, Pelican, $8.95, Political Cartoons (Hulme) [Hulme1998], (ISBN: 1565543181).
Euclid Rules OK?, Jean-Pierre Petit, 1980, John Murray, $4.48, The Adventures of Archibald Higgins [Higgins1980b], (ISBN: 0719539838).
Evanly Days: A cartoon Journey into the Wacky World of Arizona Politics and Beyond, Steve Benson, 1988, $3.00, Political Cartoons (Benson) [Benson1988].
Even Grues Get Full, Illiad, 2004, O'Reilly, $12.95, User Friendly [User2004], (ISBN: 0596005660).
Even White Boys get the Blues: Kudzu's First Ten Years, Doug Marlette, 1992, Times Books, $12.95, Kudzu [Kudzu1992], (ISBN: 0812920724).
Everyday Mutts, Patrick McDonnell, 2006, Andrews McMeel, $16.95, Mutts [Mutts2006], (ISBN: 0740761978).
Everyone's A Critic: The Ultimate Cartoon Book, Bob Eckstein (Editor), 2020, Princeton Architectural Press, $19.95, Cartoons (Critics) [Eckstein2020], (ISBN: 1616898534).
Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Nancy, Ernie Bushmiller, 1992, Pharos Books, $6.95, Nancy [Nancy1992], (ISBN: 0886877318).
Everything is Complicated, J.-J. Sempe, 2006, Phaidon Press, $24.95, Cartoons (Sempe) [Sempe2006b], (ISBN: 0714845426).
Everything's Great in '78: Further Adventures of Cecil C. Addle and Dipstick Duck, Ray Collins, 1978, Madrona, $2.00, Cecil C. Addle [Addle1978], (ISBN: 0914842307).
Evil Geniuses in a Nutshell, Illiad, 2000, O'Reilly, $12.95, User Friendly [User2000], (ISBN: 156592861X).
Ex Machina Book Five (Issues 41-50), Brian K. Vaughan, Tony Harris, 2011, Vertigo, $19.99, Ex Machina [ExMachina2015-9.10], (ISBN: 1401254225).
Ex Machina Deluxe Edition Book Four (Issues 30-40), Brian K. Vaughan, Tony Harris, 2011, WildStorm, $29.99, Ex Machina [ExMachina2011-7.8], (ISBN: 1401228453).
Ex Machina Volume 1: The First Hundred Days (Issues 1-5), Brian K. Vaughan, Tony Harris, Tom Feister, J.D. Mettler, 2004, WildStorm, $9.99, Ex Machina [ExMachina2004-1], (ISBN: 1401206123).
Ex Machina Volume 2: Tag (Issues 6-10), Brian K. Vaughan, Tony Harris, Tom Feister, 2005, WildStorm, $12.99, Ex Machina [ExMachina2005-2], (ISBN: 1401206263).
Ex Machina Volume 3: Fact v. Fiction (Issues 11-16), Brian K. Vaughan, Tony Harris, Tom Feister, J.D. Mettler, 2006, WildStorm, $12.99, Ex Machina [ExMachina2006-3], (ISBN: 1401209882).
Ex Machina Volume 4: March To War (Issues 17-20), Brian K. Vaughan, Tony Harris, Tom Feister, Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, J.D. Mettler, 2006, WildStorm, $12.99, Ex Machina [ExMachina2006-4], (ISBN: 1401209971).
Ex Machina Volume 5: Smoke Smoke (Issues 21-25), Brian K. Vaughan, Tony Harris, Tom Feister, J.D. Mettler, 2007, WildStorm, $12.99, Ex Machina [ExMachina2007-5], (ISBN: 1401213227).
Ex Machina Volume 6: Power Down (Issues 26-29), Brian K. Vaughan, Tony Harris, Tom Feister, J.D. Mettler, 2008, WildStorm, $12.99, Ex Machina [ExMachina2008-6], (ISBN: 1401214983).
The Exchange, Iouri Jigounov, Pascal Renard, 2008, Cinebook, $19.95, Alpha [Alpha-1], (ISBN: 1905460597).
Excuse Me While I Wag, Scott Adams, 2001, Andrews McMeel, $10.95, Dilbert [Dilbert2001a], (ISBN: 0740713906).
Execute Yourself Tonite!, Larry Feign, 1993, Hambalan Press, $17.80, Lily Wong [LilyWong1993], (ISBN: 962100151X).
Explainers: The Complete Village Voice Strips (1956-1966), Jules Feiffer, 2007, Fantagraphics Books, $28.99, Cartoons (Feiffer) [Feiffer2007], (ISBN: 156097835X).
Explore Black History with Wee Pals, Morrie Turner, 1998, Just Us Books, $5.95, Wee Pals [WeePals1998], (ISBN: 0940975793).
Explorers on the Moon, Herge, 1959, Atlantic-Little, Brown, $2.50, Tintin [Tintin-20], (ISBN: 0316358460).
The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec: The Mad Scientist / Mummies on Parade (Vol. 2), Jacques Tardi, 2011, Fantagraphics Books, $24.99, Adele Blanc-Sec [Tardi2011b], (ISBN: 160699493X).
The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Basil, Wiley Miller, 2006, The Blue Sky Press, $14.99, Non Sequitur [NonSequitur2006], (ISBN: 0439856655).
The Extraordinary World of Fred, Rupert Fawcett, 1992, Statics Books, $4.48, Fred [Fred1992], (ISBN: 1873922027).
Extreme Vows, Bill Holbrook, 2007, Moonbase Press, $14.95, Safe Havens [SafeHaven2007], (ISBN: 1935933043).
Eye of God, Takao Saito, 2007, Viz Media, $9.99, Golgo 13 [Golgo2007-07], (ISBN: 1421509628).
Eyebeam Returns, Sam Hurt, 2011, Existential Courage Printing, $33.94, Eyebeam [Eyebeam-8], (ISBN: 0984893202).
Eyebeam, Therefore I am, Sam Hurt, 1984, Sam Hurt, $4.95, Eyebeam [Eyebeam-2], (ISBN: 0961166010).
Eyebeam: Render Unto Peaches, Sam Hurt, 1988, Texas Monthly Press, $6.95, Eyebeam [Eyebeam-7], (ISBN: 0877191158).
Eyebeam: Teetering on the Blink, Sam Hurt, 1988, Texas Monthly Press, $6.95, Eyebeam [Eyebeam-6], (ISBN: 087719100X).
Eyewitness: Acts of the Spirit, Robert James Luedke, 2006, Head Press, $13.99, Graphic Novel (Christianity) [Luedke2006], (ISBN: 0975892428).
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