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Yakari and Great Eagle, Derib, Job, 2005, Cinebook, $9.99, Yakari [Yakari-1], (ISBN: 190546004X).
Yakari and the White Buffalo, Derib, Job, 2005, Cinebook, $9.99, Yakari [Yakari-2], (ISBN: 1905460058).
Yakari and the Beavers, Derib, Job, 2005, Cinebook, $9.99, Yakari [Yakari-3], (ISBN: 1905460090).
Yakari and the Grizzly, Derib, Job, 2006, Cinebook, $9.99, Yakari [Yakari-4], (ISBN: 1905460163).
The Remarkable Worlds of Professor Phineas B. Fuddle, Boaz Yakin, Erez Yakin, 2001, Paradox Press, $19.95, Graphic Novel [Yakin2001], (ISBN: 1563898462).
American Born Chinese, Gene Yang, 2006, Square Fish, $9.99, Graphic Memoir [Yang2006], (ISBN: 0312384483).
Secret Coders, Gene Luen Yang, Mike Holmes, 2015, First Second, $9.99, Secret Coders [Yang2015], (ISBN: 1626720754).
The Yellow Kid: A Centennial Celebration of the Kid Who Started the Comics, R.F. Outcault, 1995, Kitchen Sink Press, $55.00, The Yellow Kid [YellowKid1995], (ISBN: 0878163808).
Clean Cartoonists' Dirty Drawings, Craig Yoe, 2007, Last Gasp, $19.95, Cartoonists [Yoe2007], (ISBN: 086719653X).
On the Edge of Life, Roger Leloup, 1978, Cinebook, $9.99, Yoko Tsuno [YokoVicPaul-1], (ISBN: 1905460325).
The Time Spiral, Roger Leloup, 1981, Cinebook, $11.95, Yoko Tsuno [YokoVicPaul-2], (ISBN: 1905460430).
The Prey and the Ghost, Roger Leloup, 2008, Cinebook, $11.95, Yoko Tsuno [YokoVicPaul-3], (ISBN: 1905460562).
The Dragon of Hong Kong, Roger Leloup, 2010, Cinebook, $11.95, Yoko Tsuno [YokoVicPaul-5], (ISBN: 1849180415).
La Spirale du Temps {French}, Roger Leloup, 1981, Cinebook, $14.18, Yoko Tsuno [YokoVicPaul1981b], (ISBN: 2800107448).
Vulcan's Forge, Roger Leloup, 1989, Comcat Comics, $6.95, Yoko, Vic & Paul [YokoVicPaul1989], (ISBN: 0874160650).
L'or Du Rhin {French}, Roger Leloup, 1993, Dupuis, $4.01, Yoko Tsuno [YokoVicPaul1993], (ISBN: 2800119993).
Nanjing: The Burning City, Ethan Young, 2015, Dark Horse, $24.99, Graphic Novel [Young2015], (ISBN: 1616557524).
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