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Books by Author starting with Z

Kamikaze, Zabo, 1966, John Weatherhill, $3.00, Cartoons (Japan) [Zabo1987].
The Difference Between Cats & Dogs, Bob Zahn, 1998, Spectacle Lane Press, $8.95, Cartoons (Cats/Dogs) [Zahn1998], (ISBN: 0930753240).
Working Daze v2.0: Managers and Other Unnatural Disasters, John Zakour, Kyle Miller, 2005, Metropolis Ink, $9.95, Working Daze [WorkingDaze2005], (ISBN: 0975126458).
Hardly Working: A Working Daze Treasury, John Zakour, Scott Roberts, 2013, Blue Leaf Publications, $7.95, Working Daze [WorkingDaze2013], (ISBN: 0975509500).
Techies Unite, Peter E. Zale, 1999, Moody Cow, $12.00, Helen [Helen1999], (ISBN: 0966757432).
Techies Unite!, Peter E. Zale, 2000, McGraw-Hill, $12.95, Helen [Helen2000], (ISBN: 0071360735).
Volume 1: 1996-1999 Attack of the 50 Ft. Helen, Peter E. Zale, 2016, ComicMix, $15.00, Helen [Helen2016], (ISBN: 1939888204).
The Adventures of Dieter Lumpen, Jorge Zentner, Ruben Pellejero, 2016, Eurocomics, $49.99, Dieter Lumpen [Dieter2016], (ISBN: 163140606X).
Hamburger Madness, Jack Ziegler, 1978, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, $2.98, Cartoons (Ziegler) [Ziegler1978], (ISBN: 0156381745).
Filthy Little Things, Jack Ziegler, 1981, Dolphin, $4.50, Cartoons (Ziegler) [Ziegler1981], (ISBN: 0385175175).
Marital Blitz, Jack Ziegler, 1987, Warner Books, $5.95, Cartoons (Marriage) [Ziegler1987a], (ISBN: 0446380768).
Celebrity Cartoons of the Rich and Famous, Jack Ziegler, 1987, Warner Books, $5.95, Cartoons (Ziegler) [Ziegler1987b], (ISBN: 0446385247).
Worst Case Scenarios, Jack Ziegler, 1990, Warner Books, $7.95, Cartoons (Ziegler) [Ziegler1990], (ISBN: 0671679287).
How's the Squid?, Jack Ziegler, 2004, Harry N. Abrams, $19.95, Cartoons (Ziegler) [Ziegler2004a], (ISBN: 0810956020).
Olive or Twist?, Jack Ziegler, 2004, Harry N. Abrams, $19.95, Cartoons (Ziegler) [Ziegler2004b], (ISBN: 0810958872).
You Had Me at Bow Wow, Jack Ziegler, 2006, Vendome Press, $19.95, Cartoons (Ziegler) [Ziegler2006], (ISBN: 0865651779).
Golf in the Comic Strips: A Historic Collection of Classic Cartoons, Howard Ziehm, 1997, General Publishing Group, $29.95, Cartoons (Golf) [Ziehm1997], (ISBN: 1575440539).
Area 51: The Graphic History of America's Most Secret Military Installation, Dwight Jon Zimmerman, Greg Scott, 2014, Zenith Press, $19.99, History (Military) [Zimmerman2014], (ISBN: 076034664X).
The Hammer and the Anvil, Dwight Jon Zimmerman, 2012, Hill and Wang, $24.95, History (Slavery) [Zimmerman2012], (ISBN: 0809053586).
A People's History of American Empire, Howard Zinn, Mike Konopacki, Paul Buhle, 2008, Metropolitan Books, $17.00, History [Zinn2008], (ISBN: 0805087443).
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