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Books by Author starting with U

Asterix and the Great Divide, A. Uderzo, 1981, Hodder & Stoughton, $3.95, Asterix [Asterix1980], (ISBN: 0340276274).
Asterix and the Black Gold, A. Uderzo, 1982, Hodder & Stoughton, $4.95, Asterix [Asterix1981], (ISBN: 0340323671).
Asterix and Son, A. Uderzo, 1985, Hodder & Stoughton, $5.95, Asterix [Asterix1983], (ISBN: 0340353317).
Asterix en La India {Spanish}, A. Uderzo, 1987, Ediciones Junior S.A., $6.00, Asterix [Asterix1987], (ISBN: 8474195586).
Asterix and the Magic Carpet, A. Uderzo, 1988, Hodder & Stoughton, $5.95, Asterix [Asterix1988], (ISBN: 0340427205).
Asterix and The Actress, A. Uderzo, 2001, Orion Books, $12.95, Asterix [Asterix2001], (ISBN: 0752846574).
Legacy of the Invisible Man, Dave Ulanski, Art Nichols, 2002, Moonstone, $6.95, The Invisible Man [Invisible2002], (ISBN: 0972166815).
100 of the Best Herman, Jim Unger, 1978, Cirbo-Publications, $4.00, Herman [Herman1978].
Herman Classics, Volume Three, Jim Unger, 2005, ECW Press, $22.95, Herman [Herman2005], (ISBN: 1550227068).
Skookum's North: The PAWS Collection, Doug Urquhart, 1994, Lost Moose Publishing, $14.95, Paws [Paws1994], (ISBN: 0969461232).
Playboy Presents Sex and Other Late-Night Laughs, Michelle Urry (Editor), 1990, Playboy Press, $7.95, Cartoons (Playboy) [Playboy1990].
Fore Play: The Very Best of Playboy's Classic Golf Humor, Michelle Urry (Editor), 1995, General Publishing Group, $9.95, Cartoons (Playboy) [Playboy1995], (ISBN: 1881649814).
Crayon Shinchan: Vol 1, Yoshito Usui, 1990, Wildstorm Publications, $17.99, Shinchan [Shinchan1990], (ISBN: 140121715X).
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