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Books by Author starting with I

Pepe Gotera y Otilio: Campeones del desastre, F. Ibanez, 2003, Ediciones B, $1.00, Pepe Gotera [Pepe2003].
User Friendly: the Comic Strip, Illiad, 1999, O'Reilly, $12.95, User Friendly [User1999], (ISBN: 1565926730).
Evil Geniuses in a Nutshell, Illiad, 2000, O'Reilly, $12.95, User Friendly [User2000], (ISBN: 156592861X).
The Root of All Evil, Illiad, 2001, O'Reilly, $12.95, User Friendly [User2001], (ISBN: 0596001932).
Even Grues Get Full, Illiad, 2004, O'Reilly, $12.95, User Friendly [User2004], (ISBN: 0596005660).
Dark Laughter: The Satiric Art of Oliver W. Harrington, M. Thomas Inge (Editor), 1993, University Press of Mississippi, $12.95, Cartoons (Harrington) [Harrington1993], (ISBN: 0878056564).
Anything can Happen in a Comic Strip: Centennial Reflections on an American Art Form, M. Thomas Inge, 1995, Ohio State University, $10.95, Analysis [Inge1995], (ISBN: 0878058478).
The Penguin Book of Private Eye Cartoons, Richard Ingrams (Editor), 1983, Penguin Books, $3.98, Cartoons (Private Eye) [Private1983], (ISBN: 0140063919).
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving, 1997, Acclaim Books, $4.99, Classics Illustrated [Classics-012], (ISBN: 1578400473).
Sinfest Volume 1, Tatsuya Ishida, 2009, Dark Horse, $14.95, Sinfest [Sinfest2009], (ISBN: 1595823190).
Japan Inc.: An Introduction to Japanese Economics (The Comic Book), Shotaro Isninomori, 1988, University of California Press, $10.95, Japan [Japan1988], (ISBN: 0520062892).
Japan Inc.: An Introduction to Japanese Economics Volume 2 (The Comic Book), Shotaro Isninomori, 1996, Lancaster Press, $17.95, Japan [Japan1996], (ISBN: 1573210064).
Godzilla, Kazuhisa Iwata, 1995, Dark Horse Comics, $17.95, Godzilla [Godzilla1995], (ISBN: 1569710635).
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