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Earthtoons: The First Book of Eco-humor, Stan Eales, 1991, Warner Books, $9.99, Cartoons (Ecology) [Eales1991], (ISBN: 0446393614).
Carmichael, Dave Eastman, 1959, Rinehart & Company, $5.95, Carmichael [Carmichael1959].
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze -- Official Movie Adaptation, Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, 1991, Tundra, $5.95, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [TMNT1991], (ISBN: 1879450089).
The Ultimate Cartoon Book of Book Cartoons, Bob Eckstein (Editor), 2019, Princeton Architectural Press, $19.95, Cartoons (Books) [Eckstein2019], (ISBN: 1616898046).
Everyone's A Critic: The Ultimate Cartoon Book, Bob Eckstein (Editor), 2020, Princeton Architectural Press, $19.95, Cartoons (Critics) [Eckstein2020], (ISBN: 1616898534).
A Little Nonsense Now and Then, Bill Eddy, 1956, Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company, $8.00, Cartoons (Eddy) [Eddy1956].
Back to the Drawing Board Again, Bill Eddy, 1962, Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company, $8.00, Cartoons (Eddy) [Eddy1962].
Scarlet Traces, Ian Edginton, D'Israeli, 2003, Dark Horse, $14.95, Scarlet Traces [Edginton2003], (ISBN: 1569719403).
Scarlet Traces: The Great Game, Ian Edginton, D'Israeli, 2007, Dark Horse, $14.95, Scarlet Traces [Edginton2007], (ISBN: 1593077173).
Leviathan, Ian Edginton, D'Israeli, 2012, Rebellion, $16.99, Graphic Novel [Edginton2005], (ISBN: 1907992693).
Victorian Undead: Sherlock Holmes vs Zombies, Ian Edginton, Davide Fabbri, 2010, WildStorm, $17.99, Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock2010b], (ISBN: 1401228402).
Dondi (25 Sep 1955 - 17 Mar 1957), Gus Edson, Irwin Hasen, 2007, Classic Comics Press, $21.95, Dondi [Dondi2007a], (ISBN: 1604616865).
Dondi (18 Mar 1957 - 7 Sep 1958), Gus Edson, Irwin Hasen, 2007, Classic Comics Press, $24.95, Dondi [Dondi2007b], (ISBN: 1605850780).
The Reverend Mr. Punch, Michael Edwardes (Editor), 1960, A. R. Mowbray, $7.50, Cartoons (Punch) [Punch1960].
The Curie Society, Heather Einhorn, Adam Staffaroni, Janet Harvey, Sonia Liao, 2021, MIT Press, $18.95, Graphic Novel [Einhorn2021], (ISBN: 0262539942).
The Spirit A Pop-Up Graphic Novel, Will Eisner, Bruce Foster, 2008, Insight Editions, $34.95, The Spirit [Eisner2008b], (ISBN: 1933784466).
To the Heart of the Storm, Will Eisner, 1991, DC Comics, $14.95, Eisner [Eisner1991a], (ISBN: 1563896796).
Will Eisner Reader, Will Eisner, 1991, Kitchen Sink Press, $9.95, Eisner [Eisner1991b], (ISBN: 0878161295).
Life on Another Planet, Will Eisner, 1995, Kitchen Sink Press, $12.95, Eisner [Eisner1995a], (ISBN: 0878163700).
Dropsie Avenue: The Neighborhood, Will Eisner, 1995, Kitchen Sink Press, $15.95, Eisner [Eisner1995b], (ISBN: 0878163484).
The Spirit Casebook Volume II: All About P'gell, Will Eisner, 1998, Kitchen Sink Press, $18.95, The Spirit [Eisner1998a], (ISBN: 0878164928).
Moby Dick, Will Eisner, 1998, NBM, $7.95, Eisner [Eisner1998b], (ISBN: 1561632945).
The Last Knight: An Introduction to Don Quixote, Will Eisner, 2000, NBM, $7.95, Eisner [Eisner2000a], (ISBN: 1561632538).
Last Day in Vietnam: A Memory, Will Eisner, 2000, Dark Horse, $10.95, Eisner [Eisner2000b], (ISBN: 1569715009).
Sundiata: A Legend of Africa, Will Eisner, 2002, NBM, $15.95, Eisner [Eisner2002], (ISBN: 1561633321).
The Spirit Archives: Volume 12 (6 Jan 1946 - 30 Jun 1946), Will Eisner, 2003, DC Comics, $49.95, The Spirit [Eisner1946a], (ISBN: 1401200060).
Fagin the Jew, Will Eisner, 2003, Doubleday, $16.95, Eisner [Eisner2003], (ISBN: 0385510098).
The Best of The Spirit, Will Eisner, 2005, DC Comics, $14.99, The Spirit [Eisner2005a], (ISBN: 1401207553).
The Plot: The Secret Story of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Will Eisner, 2005, W.W. Norton, $14.95, Eisner [Eisner2005b], (ISBN: 0393328600).
The Spirit Femmes Fatales, Will Eisner, 2008, DC Comics, $19.99, The Spirit [Eisner2008a], (ISBN: 140121973X).
The Art of Nursing: A Collection of Nursing Cartoons, Carl Elbing, 2001, Bandido Books, $16.95, Cartoons (Nursing) [Elbing2001], (ISBN: 1929693133).
Stone Soup, Jan Eliot, 1997, Andrews & McMeel, $9.95, Stone Soup [StoneSoup-01], (ISBN: 0836228936).
You Can't Say Boobs on Sunday, Jan Eliot, 1999, Four Panel Press, $13.95, Stone Soup [StoneSoup-02], (ISBN: 0967410207).
Stone Soup: The Comic Strip, Jan Eliot, 2001, Four Panel Press, $13.95, Stone Soup [StoneSoup-03], (ISBN: 0967410215).
Roadkill in the Closet, Jan Eliot, 2003, Four Panel Press, $13.95, Stone Soup [StoneSoup-04], (ISBN: 0967410231).
Not So Picture Perfect, Jan Eliot, 2005, Four Panel Press, $15.95, Stone Soup [StoneSoup-05], (ISBN: 0967410258).
Desperate Households, Jan Eliot, 2007, Andrews McMeel, $12.95, Stone Soup [StoneSoup-06], (ISBN: 0740764292).
There's No "WE" in Crowning!, Jan Eliot, 2007, Lulu.com, $8.95, Stone Soup [StoneSoup2007b].
Ho Ho Ho: A Stone Soup Christmas, Jan Eliot, 2007, Lulu.com, $8.95, Stone Soup [StoneSoup2007c].
This Might Not Be Pretty, Jan Eliot, 2008, Four Panel Press, $14.95, Stone Soup [StoneSoup-07], (ISBN: 0967410266).
We'll Be REally Careful!, Jan Eliot, 2011, Four Panel Press, $14.95, Stone Soup [StoneSoup-08], (ISBN: 0967410274).
Brace Yourself, Jan Eliot, 2011, Four Panel Press, $14.95, Stone Soup [StoneSoup-09], (ISBN: 0967410282).
It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time, Jan Eliot, 2014, Four Panel Press, $15.95, Stone Soup [StoneSoup-10], (ISBN: 0967410290).
Privacy is for Wussies, Jan Eliot, 2016, Four Panel Press, $15.45, Stone Soup [StoneSoup-11], (ISBN: 096741024X).
A Rookie in Roberts, Ned Eller, 1942, Paso Robles Press, Cartoons (Army) [Eller1942].
All New Issues: Volume One, Bill Ellis, Dani O'Brien, 2012, Bill Ellis, Dani O'Brien, $20.00, All New Issues [AllNewIssues2012], (ISBN: 0985487909).
The Man From U.N.C.L.E: The Birds of Prey Affair, Mark Ellis, Nick Choles, Don Hillsman, 1993, Millennium Publications, $5.90, The Man From U.N.C.L.E [UNCLE1993].
James Bond in Vargr, Warren Ellis, Jason Mastors, 2016, Dynamite Entertainment, $19.99, James Bond [Bond2016], (ISBN: 1606909010).
James Bond in Eidolon, Warren Ellis, Jason Mastors, 2017, Dynamite Entertainment, $24.99, James Bond [Bond2017a], (ISBN: 1524102725).
FreakAngels: Volume 1, Warren Ellis, Paul Duffield, 2008, Avatar Press, $19.99, FreakAngels [Ellis2008], (ISBN: 1592910564).
Alarms and Excursions and Other Transports, Rowland Emett, 1977, John Murray, $3.00, Cartoons (Emett) [Emett1977], (ISBN: 0719534283).
Never Let Facts Get in the Way of a Good Cartoon, Bob Englehart, 1979, The Journal Herald, $3.98, Political Cartoons (Englehart) [Englehart1979].
Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze, Steve Englehart, Ross Andru, Tom Palmer, 2010, DC Comics, $17.99, Doc Savage [Savage2010], (ISBN: 1401227279).
The Shadow Volume One: The Fire of Creation, Garth Ennis, Aaron Campbell, 2012, Dynamite Entertainment, $19.99, The Shadow [Shadow2012], (ISBN: 1606903616).
The Pro, Garth Ennis, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Paul Mounts, 2010, Image Comics, $7.99, Graphic Novel (Sex) [Ennis2010], (ISBN: 1582408505).
Sara, Garth Ennis, Steve Epting, 2018, TKO Studios, $23.98, Graphic Novel [Ennis2018], (ISBN: 1732748535).
Interlibrary Loan Sharks and Seedy Roms, Benita Epstein, 1998, McFarland & Company, $5.69, Cartoons (Library) [Epstein1998], (ISBN: 0786404655).
World of the DragonLords, Byron Erickson, Giorgio Cavazzano, 2005, Gemstone Publishing, $12.99, Disney [Disney2005a], (ISBN: 0911903984).
Gaijin II: After Shock, Tim Ernst, 1991, The Japan Times, $3.98, Cartoons (Japan) [Japan1991], (ISBN: 4789005879).
The Courageous Princess 3: The Kingdom of Leptia, Rod Espinosa, 2002, Antarctic Press, $12.95, Courageous Princess [Courageous2002], (ISBN: 0966358848).
The Courageous Princess, Rod Espinosa, 2004, Antarctic Press, $15.95, Courageous Princess [Courageous2004], (ISBN: 1932453369).
Ghost Nocturnes, Michael Eury, Marilee Hord, Lynn Adair (Editors), 1996, Dark Horse, $9.95, Ghost [Ghost1996], (ISBN: 156971150X).
Troublemaker: A Barnaby and Hooker Graphic Novel, Alex Evanovich, Janet Evanovich, Joelle Jones, 2011, Dark Horse, $16.99, Barnaby and Hooker [Evanovich2011], (ISBN: 1595827226).
It's Adventure Time With Secret Agent Corrigan (2 Apr 1980 - 18 Oct 1980), George Evans, 2003, John Zawadzki, $4.99, Secret Agent Corrigan [Corrigan2003].
X-9:Secret Agent Corrigan Volume Six: 1980-1982 (4 Feb 1980 - 18 Aug 1982), George Evans, 2015, IDW Publishing, $49.99, X-9 [X9-6], (ISBN: 1631404199).
Luann: School and Other Problems [PPB], Greg Evans, 1989, Tom Doherty Associates, $2.95, Luann [Luann1989], (ISBN: 0812502086).
Sometimes You Just Have to Make Your OWN Rules, Greg Evans, 1998, Rutledge Hill Press, $9.95, Luann [Luann1998a], (ISBN: 1558536167).
Luann: The Plunge, Greg Evans, 1998, Rutledge Hill Press, $9.95, Luann [Luann1998b], (ISBN: 1558536671).
Passion! Betrayal! Outrage! Revenge! A Luann Book, Greg Evans, 1999, Rutledge Hill Press, $9.95, Luann [Luann1999], (ISBN: 1558537872).
Luann Curves Ahead, Greg Evans, 2003, Andrews McMeel, $10.95, Luann [Luann2003], (ISBN: 0740739506).
Luann 2: Dates and Other Disasters, Greg Evans, 2004, Andrews McMeel, $10.95, Luann [Luann2004], (ISBN: 0740746642).
Luann 3: Sixteen Isn't Pretty, Greg Evans, 2006, Andrews McMeel, $10.95, Luann [Luann2006], (ISBN: 0740761935).
Luann 4: Seriously..., Greg Evans, 2008, Andrews McMeel, $12.99, Luann [Luann2008], (ISBN: 0740773623).
Luann, 25 Years, Greg Evans, 2010, Greg Evans, $12.99, Luann [Luann2010], (ISBN: 0984546502).
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