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Oak Island

I first learned about Oak Island from a random TV show when I was a child, probably in the mid-1950's.

I later found a copy of The Oak Island Enigma by Thomas P. Leary at the Boston Public Library. It's a short book (52 pages) and gives the basic history of the island. There have been a slew of other published books since.

Wikipedia has a page on Oak Island, itself, as well as a page on the Oak Island mystery.

There is a facebook page for the Oak Island treasure.

Starting in 2014, the History Channel has had a reality show (which I haven't watch most of) called The Curse of Oak Island. and they put an interactive web page Mystery on Oak Island on the New York Times web site. There is also a Wikipedia page about the reality show.

In 2015, I got a copy of The Oak Island Enigma from a university library, scanned it, and converted it to digital form. With the permission of the family of the author, I was able to then create a version for the Kindle, a print-on-demand paper version, and an audio book. The print-on-demand paper version tried to reproduce the original printed version, hand type-set by the author, exactly down to the font and the position of the characters on the page. I did a set of blog postings to show how it was done.

But it is easy to sensationalize it all. I happened at one point across a click-bait explanation of it on icepop.com, dated August 29, 2017 by Danielle Propheta.
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