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Christmas Ornaments :: 27 September 2017

We also have a summary page of all the thumbnails .

Thumbnail Item Description
x101 Set of four glass ornaments
x102 Set of 12 historical Santa figure ornaments
x103 Set of five glass ball ornaments
x104 Box of fifteen blue glass ball ornaments
x105 Box of ? multicolored satin ball ornaments
x106 Glass fruit basket
x107 Glass pinecone
x108 Glass gecko with Santa hat ornament
x109 Green plastic ball ornament
x110 Small owl figurine
x111 Peacock ornament
x112 Porcelain dove
x113 Mickey, Minney, Goofy, in car
x114 Porcelain disk with Mickey and Uncle Scrooge
x115 Porcelain snowflake
x116 Glass teardrop ornament from the ashes of Mount St. Helen's
x118 Painted plastic ornament
x119 Plastic colored ball
x120 Small lighted star
x121 Angel tree topper
x122 Little plastic doctor cat ornament
x123 Stuffed cat from a fast-food restaurant
x124 Plastic Snow White ornament
x125 wooden clown on a scooter
x126 Beaded strawberry
x127 Nutcracker ornament
x128 Lauren's silver unicorn ornament
x129 Wooden unicorn
x130 Red sequined star
x131 Swan
x132 Ceramic Woodstock
x133 Painted plastic Snoopy ornament
x134 Nut mouse with Santa hat
x135 Mirrored glass disco ball
x136 Small bear with bouquet
x137 Set of five plastic hearts
x138 Wooden bear holding a rose
x139 Yarn snowflake
x140 Two yarn snowflakes
x141 Five yarn snowflakes (of set of six)
x142 Nativity set
x143 Soldier on rocking horse in snow-globe
x144 Stuffed Santa doll
x145 Small cardboard house
x146 Plastic sleigh
x147 Plastic photo frame ornament
x148 3-D paper bell
x149 Lighted circular decoration
x150 Stitched Christmas decoration
x151 Small tree skirt
x152 Tree stocking holder
x153 Deer stocking holder
x154 Lauren's stocking
x155 Linda's stocking
x156 Jim's new stocking
x157 Kathryn's new stocking
x158 Neko Jita's new stocking
x159 Jim's old stocking
x160 Small red bird magnet
x161 Small mouse magnet with bell
x162 Small tree magnet
x163 Plastic candelabra
x164 Small fake wreath
x165 Small fake Christmas tree with ornaments and decorations
x166 Cloth tree ornament
x167 Fuzzy stocking ornament
x168 Cardboard cut-out reindeer with presents
x169 Cardboard tree cutout
x170 Construction paper Santa
x171 Gold foil snowflake
x172 Gold star
x173 Foil wreath drawing
x174 Construction paper tree
x175 Construction paper reindeer head
x176 Construction paper tree mat
x177 Needle point ornament
x178 Needle point ornament
x179 Needle point ornament
x180 Needle point ornament
x181 Needle point ornament
x182 Needle point ornament
x183 Stuffed snowman with plastic snowflake
x184 Wooden ornament with Santa
x185 Small clay person
x186 Wooden stocking ornament with picture of Kathryn
x187 Red, white, and green fuzzy wreath
x188 Cloth candle ornament
x189 Small girl ornament
x190 Beaded wreath
x191 Small stocking ornament
x192 Set of five pinecones
x193 Pinecone decorated with gold glitter
x194 Pipe cleaner candy cane
x195 Cloth candy cane
x196 Paper bell with picture of Jennifer
x197 Paper homemade ornament, picture of Santa Claus
x198 Homemade bead candy cane
x199 Small gift box
x200 Christmas tree plastic coaster
x201 Wreath plastic coaster
x202 Clay tree
x203 Three clothespin reindeer
x204 Yarn reindeer
x205 Two yarn wreaths
x206 Big fuzzy, rabbit
x207 God's eye
x208 God's eye
x209 God's eye
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