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Above San Francisco, Volume II: A New Collection of Nostalgic and Contemporary Aerial Photographs of the Bay Area, Robert Cameron, 1975, Cameron and Company, Travel, Above [Above1975], (ISBN: 0918684056).
Above Washington: A Collection of Nostalgic and Contemporary Aerial Photographs of the District of Columbia, Robert Cameron, 1979, Cameron and Company, $19.95, Travel, Above [Above1979], (ISBN: 0918684080).
Above London, Alistair Cooke, Robert Cameron, 1980, Cameron and Company, Travel, Above [Above1980], (ISBN: 0918684102).
Above Paris: A New Collection of Aerial Photographs of Paris, France, Pierre Salinger, Robert Cameron, 1984, Cameron and Company, Travel, Above [Above1984], (ISBN: 0918684196).
Above Hawaii: A Collection of Nostalgic and Contemporary Aerial Photographs of the Hawaiian Islands, Robert Cameron, 1986, Cameron and Company, Travel, Above [Above1986], (ISBN: 0918684021).
Rome From the Air, Guido Alberto Rossi, Franco Lefevre, 1988, Rizzoli, Travel, Above [Above1988], (ISBN: 0847810178).
Washington From the Air, Elysa Fazzino, 2003, White Star, Travel, Above [Above2003], (ISBN: 8854000167).
San Francisco's Cable Cars, Lynn Thomas, 1992, Lawson Mardon Group, Travel, Culture [Travel1992], (ISBN: 0938765078).
English-French French-English Midget Series Dictionaries, 1954, Burgess & Bowes, Travel [Travel1954].
Horizon: Volume III, Number 3 (January, 1961): Ludwig's Dream Castles, Mary Cable, 1960, American Horizon, $3.95, Travel [Travel1961].
Official Guide Book Seattle World's Fair 1962, 1962, Acme, $1.00, Travel [Travel1962], (ISBN: B000BXHOUU).
The World and its Peoples: France 1, 1963, Greystone Press, Travel [Travel1963], (ISBN: B000HFQ64M).
1965 Official Guide New York World's Fair, 1965, Time-Life, $1.00, Travel [Travel1965a], (ISBN: B006WRKRVC).
Russia, Charles W. Thayer, 1965, Time-Life, Travel [Travel1965b], (ISBN: B0006CXZU4).
San Francisco, Jor McDowell, 1969, Lane, Travel [Travel1969], (ISBN: 0376056711).
Larousse's French-English English-French Dictionary, Marguerite-Marie Dubois, Denis J. Keen, Barbara Shuey, 1971, Pocket Books, $.95, Travel [Travel1971], (ISBN: 0671774018).
Reader's Digest Scenic Wonders of America, 1973, Reader's Digest, Travel [Travel1973], (ISBN: 0895770091).
Oregon II, Ray Atkeson, 1974, Belding, Travel [Travel1974a], (ISBN: 0912856157).
Rome of the Caesars, Leonardo B. Dal Maso, 1974, Bonechi-Edizioni, Travel [Travel1974b], (ISBN: 1199572837).
Wunderbares Amsterdam, A. van der Heyden, Ben Kroon, 1975, Elsevier Amsterdam/Brussel, Travel [Travel1975], (ISBN: B003MR6C32).
London (Great Cities), Aubrey Menen, 1976, Time-Life, Travel [Travel1976], (ISBN: 0809422557).
Rome In History, In Christianity, in Civilization, Elio Fox, 1977, ARti Grafiche Bellomi, Travel [Travel1977a], (ISBN: B0007B5WA0).
Timeless Gardens, Eleanor Williams, Wesley Stacey, 1977, Pioneer Design Studio, Travel [Travel1977b], (ISBN: 0909674078).
New Zealand/Dramatic Landscape, James Siers, 1979, Millwood Press, Travel [Travel1979], (ISBN: 0908582404).
Amsterdam, 1983, Euro Color Cards, Travel [Travel1983].
Fodor's USA: Broderbund Edition, Editors of Fodor, 1985, Fodor's Travel Guides, Travel [Travel1985], (ISBN: B000BMLHDG).
California Travel Guide, 1988, Sunset Press, Travel [Travel1988a], (ISBN: 037606126X).
Hearst Castle San Simeon, Thomas Aidala, 1988, Crescent Books, Travel [Travel1988b], (ISBN: 0517460823).
Living Language Traveltalk: Russian Phrasebook Dictionary, Valerie Borchardt, 1991, Living Language, Travel [Travel1991], (ISBN: 0517576511).
Neuschwanstein Castle Calendar, 1995, Travel [Germany1995].
Texas: An Illustrated History, David G. McComb, 1995, Oxford University Press, Travel [Travel1995], (ISBN: 0195092465).
Lonely Planet Ireland, Lou Callan, Fionn Davenport, Patrick Horton, Oda O'Carroll, Tom Smallman, David Wenk, 2002, Lonely Planet Publications, Travel [Travel2002], (ISBN: 1864503793).
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