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The McGraw-Hill Author's Book, 1968, McGraw-Hill, Publishing [Publishing1968], (ISBN: 07045051X).
Word Frequency Book, John B. Carroll, Peter Davies, Barry Richman, 1971, American Heritage Publishing, $25.00, Publishing [Publishing1971], (ISBN: 0395135702).
Government Printing Office Style Manual, 1973, Government Printing Office, $7.50, Publishing [Publishing1973a], (ISBN: B0012TZT68).
A Guide for Wiley Authors, 1973, John Wiley & Sons, Publishing [Publishing1973b], (ISBN: 0471229377).
Prentice-Hall Author's Guide, 1975, Prentice-Hall, Publishing [Publishing1975], (ISBN: 0136950159).
Word Division (Seventh Edition), 1976, Government Printing Office, $3.75, Publishing [Publishing1976].
Handbook for Scholars, Mary-Claire Van Leunen, 1978, Knopf, Publishing [Publishing1978a], (ISBN: 0394733959).
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Paul Procter, 1978, Longman, Publishing [Publishing1978b], (ISBN: 0582525713).
English Grammar Simplified, James Fernald, 1979, Collins Reference, Publishing [Publishing1979a], (ISBN: 0064634841).
The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus for Large Print Users, Editors of Merriam-Webster, 1979, G.K. Hall & Co, Publishing [Publishing1979b], (ISBN: 081616617X).
The Art and Science of Book Publishing, Herbert S. Bailey Jr., 1980, University of Texas, Publishing [Publishing1980], (ISBN: 0292703511).
Addison-Wesley Guide for Authors, 1982, Addison-Wesley, Publishing [Publishing1982a], (ISBN: 0201993600).
Copyediting: A Practical Guide, Karen Judd, 1982, William Kaufmann, Publishing [Publishing1982b], (ISBN: 0865760284).
The Chicago Manual of Style, 1982, The University of Chicago Press, Publishing [Publishing1982c], (ISBN: 0226103900).
Guide for Authors, 1983, Van Nostrand Reinhold, Publishing [Publishing1983a].
Methods of Book Design, Third Edition, Hugh Williamson, 1983, Yale University Press, Publishing [Publishing1983b], (ISBN: 0300030355).
Word Hy-phen-a-tion by Com-put-er, Franklin Mark Liang, 1983, Department of Computer Science, Stanford University, Publishing [Publishing1983c].
Collins Dictionary of the English Language, Patrick Hanks, 1986, Collins, Publishing [Publishing1986], (ISBN: 0004331354).
Pocket Pal: A Graphic Arts Production Handbook (Fourteenth Edition), Michael H. Bruno, 1989, International Paper Company, Publishing [Publishing1989], (ISBN: B000GWJCQU).
Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd: Volume 1, Martin Gardner, 1959, Dover Publications, $1.00, Puzzles [Puzzles1959], (ISBN: B0054J93KA).
Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd: Volume 2, Martin Gardner, 1960, Dover Publications, $1.00, Puzzles [Puzzles1960], (ISBN: B00434W91W).
Aha! Gotcha: Paradoxes to Puzzle and Delight, Martin Gardner, 1982, W.H. Freeman & Co, Puzzles [Puzzles1982], (ISBN: 0716713616).
Fantastic Book of Logic Puzzles, Muriel Mandell, Elise Chanowitz, 1986, Sterling, Puzzles [Puzzles1986], (ISBN: 080694756X).
The Great Waldo Search, Martin Handford, 1989, Little, Brown and Company, Puzzles [Puzzles1989a], (ISBN: 0316342823).
Five-Minute Mysteries: 37 Challenging Cases of Murder and Mayhem for You to Solve, Ken Weber, 1989, Running Press, Puzzles [Puzzles1989b], (ISBN: 0894716905).
More Five-Minute Mysteries: 34 New Cases of Murder and Mayhem for You to Solve, Ken Weber, 1991, Running Press, Puzzles [Puzzles1991], (ISBN: 156138058X).
Merlin Book of Logic Puzzles, Margaret C. Edmiston, Jack Williams, 1992, Sterling, Puzzles [Puzzles1992], (ISBN: 0806982217).
Lateral Logic Puzzles, Erwin Brecher, Lucy Corvino, 1994, Sterling, Puzzles [Puzzles1994], (ISBN: 0806906189).
Clever Lateral Thinking Puzzles, Edward Harshman, 1997, Sterling, Puzzles [Puzzles1997], (ISBN: 0806999381).
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