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Books by Title starting with L

Lao Lao of Dragon Mountain, Margaret Bateson-Hill, Manyee Wan, Sha-Liu Qu, Francesca Pelizzoli, 1996, De Agostini Editions, $12.95, Children [Children1996b], (ISBN: 1899883649).
Larousse's French-English English-French Dictionary, Marguerite-Marie Dubois, Denis J. Keen, Barbara Shuey, 1971, Pocket Books, $.95, Travel [Travel1971], (ISBN: 0671774018).
The Last Sherlock Holmes Story, Michael Dibdin, 1996, Vintage, $10.00, Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock1996b], (ISBN: 0679766588).
Lateral Logic Puzzles, Erwin Brecher, Lucy Corvino, 1994, Sterling, Puzzles [Puzzles1994], (ISBN: 0806906189).
Learning to Program In Structured Cobol Parts 1 and 2, Edward Yourdon, Chris Gane, Trish Sarson, Timothy R. Lister, 1979, Prentice-Hall, Computers, Linda [Linda1979], (ISBN: 0135277132).
The Legend of the Bluebonnet, Tomie dePaola, 1983, Putnam, Children [Children1983b], (ISBN: 0399209379).
Leonard Weisgard's the Night Before Christmas, Clement Clarke Moore, 1997, Barnes & Noble, Children [Children1997], (ISBN: 0760706859).
Letters From The Earth, Mark Twain, 1963, Crest, $.60, Literature [Literature1963], (ISBN: B000JIMQKK).
Liberty: The Statue and the American Dream, Leslie Allen, 1985, The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, History, Statue of Liberty [Statue1985], (ISBN: 0870445847).
The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes, Phillip Weller, 1992, Crescent Books, Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock1992], (ISBN: 0517069660).
Life Laughs Last, Philip B. Kunhardt, 1989, Simon & Schuster, Humor [Humor1989], (ISBN: 0671670921).
A Light in the Attic, Shel Silverstein, 1981, Harper & Row, Literature [Literature1981], (ISBN: 0060256737).
Lincoln Head Cent Collection Starting 1941 Number Two (No. 9030), 1961, Whitman Publishing Company, Money [Money1961].
Lincoln: A Photobiography, Russell Freedman, 1988, Scholastic, History [History1988a], (ISBN: 059042145X).
Lincoln: A Picture Story of His Life, Stefan Lorant, 1976, HarperCollins, History [History1976], (ISBN: 0517171953).
Little Puppy Saves the Day (Little Animal Adventures), Muriel Pepin, Patricia Jensen, Marcelle Geneste, 1993, Reader's Digest, Children [Children1993c], (ISBN: 0895774739).
The Lives and Times of Archy and Mehitabel, Don Marquis, 1950, Doubleday & Company, Humor [Humor1950], (ISBN: B000OLZQ86).
Living Language Traveltalk: Russian Phrasebook Dictionary, Valerie Borchardt, 1991, Living Language, Travel [Travel1991], (ISBN: 0517576511).
Logical Design of Operating Systems (Automatic Computation), Alan C. Shaw, 1975, Prentice-Hall, Computers, Linda [Linda1975], (ISBN: 0135401127).
London (Great Cities), Aubrey Menen, 1976, Time-Life, Travel [Travel1976], (ISBN: 0809422557).
Lonely Planet Ireland, Lou Callan, Fionn Davenport, Patrick Horton, Oda O'Carroll, Tom Smallman, David Wenk, 2002, Lonely Planet Publications, Travel [Travel2002], (ISBN: 1864503793).
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Paul Procter, 1978, Longman, Publishing [Publishing1978b], (ISBN: 0582525713).
A Look at Crater Lake by Launch, Dick Johnson, Ralph Peyton, 1990, Mike Roberts, Science, Travel [Crater1990], (ISBN: B000URNRYO).
Looking at Earth, Priscilla Strain, Frederick C. Engle, F.C. Engle, 1996, Turner Publishing, Science [Science1996], (ISBN: 1570363730).
Looking at History, R.J. Unstead, 1975, Adam & Charles Black, $16.50, History [History1975c], (ISBN: 0713615729).
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