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Relief Panorama of the Rhine, 1930, Hoursch & Bechstedt, Germany [Germany1930].
Germany, Terence Prittie, 1961, Time-Life, Germany [Germany1961].
Sieg Heil! (Hail to Victory): An Illustrated History of Germany from Bismarck to Hitler, Stefan Lorant, 1974, W.W. Norton & Company, Germany [Germany1974], (ISBN: 0393055019).
These Strange German Ways, Atl Bruecke, 1975, Edelweiss Pub Co, Germany [Germany1975], (ISBN: 392574407X).
Heckling Hitler - Caricatures of the Third Reich, Zbynek Zeman, 1984, Orbis Books, Germany [Germany1984], (ISBN: 0856134368).
Exploring the Bismarck (Time Quest Book), Robert D. Ballard, Rick Archbold, 1991, Scholastic Trade, Germany [Germany1991], (ISBN: 0590442686).
Today's Germany: It's the newest Old Country, 1993, Deutsche Zentrale fur Tourismus, Germany [Germany1993].
Hindenburg: An Illustrated History, Rick Archbold, Ken Marschall, 1994, Warner Books, Germany [Germany1994], (ISBN: 0446517844).
Neuschwanstein Castle Calendar, 1995, Travel [Germany1995].
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