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Soap Dish: Daytime Drama's Zingiest Zingers, Diggiest Digs, and Most Connivingly Clever Comebacks: A Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo Book, Allison J. Waldman, Leona G. Barad, 1995, Andrews McMeel, Film [Film1995], (ISBN: 0836270304).
The Physics of Everyday Phenomena, Jearl Walker, 1980, W.H. Freeman & Co, Science [Science1980b], (ISBN: 0716711265).
Crater Lake: The Story Behind the Scenery, Ronald G. Warfield, Lee Juillerat, Larry Smith, 1985, KC Publications, $3.75, Science, Travel [Crater1985b], (ISBN: 0916122794).
A guide to Crater Lake: The mountain that used to be, Ronald G. Warfield, 1985, Crater Lake Natural History Association, $4.95, Science, Travel [Crater1985a], (ISBN: 0933369018).
The Book of R, Jane Werner Watson, 1965, Western Publishing Company, Children [Children1965], (ISBN: B000YSUA9Y).
Five-Minute Mysteries: 37 Challenging Cases of Murder and Mayhem for You to Solve, Ken Weber, 1989, Running Press, Puzzles [Puzzles1989b], (ISBN: 0894716905).
More Five-Minute Mysteries: 34 New Cases of Murder and Mayhem for You to Solve, Ken Weber, 1991, Running Press, Puzzles [Puzzles1991], (ISBN: 156138058X).
The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes, Phillip Weller, 1992, Crescent Books, Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock1992], (ISBN: 0517069660).
Titanic: Legacy of the World's Greatest Ocean Liner, Susan Wels, 1997, Time-Life, History, Titanic [Titanic1997], (ISBN: 0783552610).
Charm: The Career Girl's Guide to Business and Personal Success, Rosalind Whitcomb, Helen Lang, 1964, McGraw-Hill, Culture [Culture1964], (ISBN: B0000CMAJ8).
The Tunnel Under the Channel, Thomas Whiteside, 1962, Simon & Schuster, $3.50, History [History1962], (ISBN: B00DT2G9BU).
Database Design, Gio Wiederhold, 1977, McGraw-Hill, Computers, Linda [Linda1977b], (ISBN: 007070130X).
Jigsaw Puzzles: An Illustrated History and Price Guide, Anne D. Williams, 1990, Wallace-Homestead Book Co, Jigsaw Puzzles [Jigsaw1990], (ISBN: 0870695371).
Timeless Gardens, Eleanor Williams, Wesley Stacey, 1977, Pioneer Design Studio, Travel [Travel1977b], (ISBN: 0909674078).
Methods of Book Design, Third Edition, Hugh Williamson, 1983, Yale University Press, Publishing [Publishing1983b], (ISBN: 0300030355).
Catnips, Robin Willig, 1985, Universe Books, $7.95, Art [Art1985], (ISBN: B000DZCIDO).
The Unforgettable Elephant, Laurie Platt Winfrey, 1985, Walker & Company, $9.95, Culture [Culture1985b], (ISBN: 0802771572).
Artificial Intelligence, Patrick Henry Winston, 1977, Addison-Wesley, Computers, Linda [Linda1977a], (ISBN: 0201084546).
DB2: Design and Development Guide, Gabrielle Wiorkowski, David Kull, 1990, Addison-Wesley, Computers, Linda [Linda1990], (ISBN: 0201507358).
Introduction to Digital Computer Design, D.J. Woollons, 1972, McGraw-Hill, Computers, Linda [Linda1972].
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