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Books by Author starting with L

Sleeping Beauty, Katherine Lawless, 1994, Modern Publishing, $4.95, Children [Children1994a], (ISBN: 156144362X).
A Book of Nonsense, Edward Lear, 1983, Viking Press, $5.98, Humor [Humor1983], (ISBN: 0670180114).
Handbook for Scholars, Mary-Claire Van Leunen, 1978, Knopf, Publishing [Publishing1978a], (ISBN: 0394733959).
From Then to Now, John P. Leventhal, 1954, Simon & Schuster, Children [Children1954], (ISBN: B0007I6QCQ).
Absolut Book: The Absolut Vodka Advertising Story, Richard W. Lewis, 1996, Journey Editions, Culture [Culture1996], (ISBN: 1885203292).
Word Hy-phen-a-tion by Com-put-er, Franklin Mark Liang, 1983, Department of Computer Science, Stanford University, Publishing [Publishing1983c].
Sieg Heil! (Hail to Victory): An Illustrated History of Germany from Bismarck to Hitler, Stefan Lorant, 1974, W.W. Norton & Company, Germany [Germany1974], (ISBN: 0393055019).
Lincoln: A Picture Story of His Life, Stefan Lorant, 1976, HarperCollins, History [History1976], (ISBN: 0517171953).
Sorting and Sort Systems (The Systems programming series), Harold Lorin, 1975, Addison-Wesley, Computers [Computers1975c], (ISBN: 0201144530).
Jaguar: Performance and Pride, Pete Lyons, 1991, Publications Intl, Culture [Culture1991a], (ISBN: 0881769835).
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