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Inventory Items :: 22 June 2020

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Thumbnail ID Description Number Date Price Location
a172 Letter Opener 1919 Office
a105 Picture Puzzles 4 c1920 Living Room
a291 Serving Dish c1930 Loft
a256 Vintage Dresden Quilt c1940 Master Closet
a007 Magic Wooden Box 1950 Jewelry
a250 Black Korean Robe c1950 Master Closet
a251 Blue Korean Dragon Robe c1950 Master Closet
a252 Blue Korean Floral Robe c1950 Master Closet
a255 Vintage Log Cabin Quilt c1950 Master Closet
a187 Coin Collection c1959 Office
a182 Railroad Track c1960 Office
a260 Eagle Scout Badge c1965 Jewelry
a131 Seascape Oil Painting 1966 $11.00 Office
a145 T-Square 1966 Office
a175 Exacto Knife Sets 2 c1966 Office
a303 People's Cyclopedia 1966 $5.00 Loft
a304 World Book Encyclopedia 1966 $10.00 Loft
a114 Walnut Nut Bowl 1967 Living Room
a244 Tuxedo 1967 Master Closet
a259 Graduation tassels 3 1967,1974,1981 Jewelry
a261 Tiger Eye Ring May 1969 Jewelry
a217 Black Velvet Cape 1970 Cedar Chest
a127 Old Europe Print 1972 Office
a229 Bowler 1972 Master Closet
a341 Soldering Iron 1972 Garage
a228 Oak Chairs 3 Aug 1973 $2.50 Master Closet
a262 Black Star Sapphire Ring Sept 1973 $383.40 Jewelry
a130 Grenoble Picture 1973 Office
a135 Tuan Green Poster 1973 Office
a136 Tuan Red Print 1973 Office
a138 Abstract Oil Picture 1973 Office
a230 Top Hat 1973 Master Closet
a264 Silver Ring Feb 1974 Jewelry
a041 Red Glasses 6 Sets Aug 1974 Kitchen
a211 Afghan Dec 1974 $36.00 Cedar Chest
a125 Abstract Yarn Picture 1974 Office
a139 Goldfish Water Color 1974 Office
a017 Cookbooks 3 c1975 Kitchen
a053 Corning Mixing Bowls 8 c1975 $43.08 Kitchen
a055 Corning Glass Pie Pans c1975 Kitchen
a056 Corning Baking Pans 3 c1975 Kitchen
a133 Rabbit Drawing 1975 $5.00 Office
a208 Quilt 1975 $16.13 Master Bedroom
a253 Hose 1975 Master Closet
a347 MasterCharge Sign 1975 Garage
a348 Coca Cola Sign 1975 Garage
a143 Stained Glass Window Nov 1976 $112.77 Office
a205 Heavy Quilt Nov 1976 $67.14 Master Bedroom
a215 Green Knit Throw 1976 Cedar Chest
a195 Folding Table May 1977 $15.56 Front Entryway
a263 Jim's Wedding Ring May 1977 $100.00 Jewelry
a265 Pocket Watch May 1977 Jewelry
a249 Japanese Print Robe June 1977 Master Closet
a161 Maple Butcher Block Table Oct 1977 $182.70 Office
a132 Clock c1977 Office
a216 Vintage Quilt 1977 Cedar Chest
a021 Wooden Napkin Holder 1978 Kitchen
a179 Calculators 3 c1978 Office
a296 Bronco 1978 Loft
a210 Cedar Chest March 1979 $42.00 Master Bedroom
a142 Dragon Picture 1979 Office
a144 Dragon Mirror 1979 Office
a199 Vacuum Cleaner c1979 Entryway Closet
a213 Quilted Baby Blanket 1979 Cedar Chest
a214 Jennifer's Baby Quilt 1979 Cedar Chest
a218 Baby Bib 1979 Cedar Chest
a254 Picture Albums 12 1979-1993 Master Closet
a060 Covered Casserole Corningware Dishes 7 c1980 Kitchen
a106 Picture Puzzles 14 c1980 Living Room
a073 Pans 1 Set Dec 1981 Kitchen
a212 Kathryn's Baby Quilt 1981 Cedar Chest
a120 Trash Can July 1982 $4.82 Living Room
a268 Plastic Half-crates 2 Nov 1982 $14.45 Project Room
a339 Vacuum Cleaner June 1983 $158.95 Garage
a099 Panda Figurine Oct 1985 $49.50 Living Room
a160 Post Office Box Bank, Oak Dec 1985 Office
a011 Cooler c1985 Utility Room
a018 AT&T Wall Phone 1985 Kitchen
a032 Floral Serving Bowl c1985 Kitchen
a063 Tupperware Canisters 8 c1985 Kitchen
a222 Ceramic Toothbrush Cup c1985 Master Bathroom
a319 Olympus Tubular Wind Chimes c1985 Outside
a336 Power Saw March 1986 $63.66 Garage
a015 Ash Dining Table Aug 1986 $1054.88 Kitchen
a171 Oak Roll-top Desk Aug 1986 $1804.00 Office
a267 Telephone Sept 1986 $52.56 Project Room
a094 Bookcase Oct 1986 $2317.86 Living Room
a146 Oak Filing Cabinet 3 Dec 1986 $477.03 Office
a290 Copenhagen Blue Vase Dec 1986 Loft
a121 Window Decoration 1986 Living Room
a016 Oak Chairs 10 Jan 1987 $2005.76 Kitchen
a043 Pentagonal Glass Aug 1987 Kitchen
a308 Soap Dishes 2 Dec 1987 Guest Bathroom
a006 Japanese Painted Fan c1987 Loft
a141 Japanese Woodblock Prints 1987 Office
a224 Soap Dish 1987 Master Bathroom
a239 Japanese Ceramic Nightlite c1987 Master Closet
a307 Tooth Brush Holder c1987 Guest Bathroom
a247 Smoking Jacket Dec 1988 $80.61 Master Closet
a024 Green Plastic Glasses 6 Dec 1989 $19.95 Kitchen
a025 Red and Blue Plastic Glasses 7 Dec 1989 $16.95 Kitchen
a463 CMU Andrew Wooden Puzzle 1989 Loft
a152 Wooden Bookends 1 Pair May 1990 $37.74 Office
a174 Pen Holder May 1990 $21.55 Office
a328 John Deere Riding Lawn Mower May 1990 $1615.10 Garage
a153 Blue Stone Bookends 1 Pair Nov 1990 $32.96 Office
a054 Mikasa Pie Pan Dec 1990 Kitchen
a294 Neuschwanstein Plate Dec 1990 Loft
a012 Metal Kitchen Step-stool c1990 Utility Room
a033 Assort Glass Serving Bowls 9 c1990 Kitchen
a036 Wine Glasses c1990 Kitchen
a039 Assorted Coffee Mugs 13 c1990 Kitchen
a047 Glass Pitchers 2 c1990 Kitchen
a048 Glass Dessert Bowls and Large Bowl 6 c1990 Kitchen
a052 Pyrex Glass Measuring Cups c1990 Kitchen
a057 Loaf Pan c1990 Kitchen
a071 Broil King Waffle Maker c1990 Kitchen
a072 West Bend Electric Wok c1990 Kitchen
a104 Board Games 20 c1990 Living Room
a107 DVDs 300 1990-2008 Living Room
a108 Compact Discs 300 1990-2008 Living Room
a238 Nativity Snowglobe c1990 Master Closet
a154 Marble Bookends 1 Pair Sept 1991 $58.71 Office
a203 Clock Radio Sept 1991 Master Bedroom
a115 Floor Lamp Dec 1991 $39.99 Living Room
a137 Christmas Tree Painting 1991 Office
a219 David Hockney Print Sept 1992 $74.14 Master Bathroom
a233 Sheepskin Hat Nov 1992 $49.00 Master Closet
a173 Ceramic Bowl Dec 1992 Office
a192 Tool Box Dec 1992 $21.59 Office
a110 VCR Tapes 5 1992 Living Room
a126 Neuschwanstein Poster 1992 Office
a109 Peanuts Boxed Set of Compact Discs 10 Jan 1993 $200.00 Living Room
a177 Headphones March 1993 Office
a206 Quilt May 1993 Master Bedroom
a306 Trash Can Sept 1993 $25.00 Guest Bedroom
a051 Pasta Serving Bowl c1993 Kitchen
a061 Small Glass Dishes 6 c1993 Kitchen
a149 Comic Books 1993-2014 Office
a188 Plastic Water Jugs 3 1993 Office
a246 Grey Plush Robe c1993 Master Closet
a337 Belt Sander Jan 1994 $62.35 Garage
a266 Semi-precious Gemstones: Topaz, Amethyst 2 March 1994 $45.23 Jewelry
a324 Patio Furniture April 1994 $464.17 Outside
a095 Neuschwanstein Figurine June 1994 $59.00 Living Room
a166 Myrtlewood Index Box June 1994 Office
a345 Shelf Unit 3 June 1994 $126.36 Garage
a074 Frying Pans 3 Sept 1994 $21.59 Kitchen
a096 Neuschwanstein Figurine Sept 1994 $88.53 Living Room
a338 Hedge Trimmer Sept 1994 $57.91 Garage
a318 Outside Thermometer Nov 1994 $11.78 Outside
a028 Christmas Glasses 4 Dec 1994 Kitchen
a068 Marble Rolling Pin Dec 1994 Kitchen
a069 Marble Rolling Surface Dec 1994 Kitchen
a116 Iris Print Dec 1994 $144.72 Living Room
a122 Iris Wooden Inlay Picture Dec 1994 Living Room
a204 Quilt Rail Dec 1994 $58.85 Master Bedroom
a049 Serving Bowl c1994 Kitchen
a082 Assorted Vases 7 c1994 Kitchen
a100 Blown Glass Iris c1994 Living Room
a101 Malachite Lion Carving c1994 Living Room
a305 Encyclopedia Americana 1994 $4.00 Loft
a258 Jewelry Box Feb 1995 $81.70 Master Closet
a292 Neuschwanstein Plate March 1995 $41.94 Loft
a076 Aluminum Pressure Cooker April 1995 $21.57 Kitchen
a207 Quilt April 1995 $63.72 Master Bedroom
a329 Wooden Step Ladder April 1995 $20.42 Garage
a312 Cabinet May 1995 $129.47 Back Bathroom
a485 Chain saw July 1995 Garage
a075 Teflon Pot Aug 1995 Kitchen
a010 Iron Board and Iron Sept 1995 $19.44 Utility Room
a027 Coke Glasses 3 Oct 1995 $6.37 Kitchen
a045 Table cloth Oct 1995 $21.62 Kitchen
a237 Pumpkin Jar Oct 1995 $4.95 Master Closet
a242 Cat Figurine Oct 1995 $21.64 Master Closet
a097 Neuschwanstein Figurine Dec 1995 $109.29 Living Room
a178 Swiss Army Knife 2 Dec 1995 $19.42 Office
a014 Iris Wall Plaque c1995 Kitchen
a019 Radio/tape Player c1995 Kitchen
a050 Rice Serving Bowl c1995 Kitchen
a067 Apple Coring Device c1995 Kitchen
a128 Landscape Drawing c1995 Office
a129 Iris Print c1995 Office
a148 Books c1995 Office
a271 Christmas Wrap 1 Box c1995 Project Room
a301 Samsonite Suitcases 4 c1995 Loft
a334 Set of Hand Tools c1995 Garage
a257 Cedar Jewelry Box 2 Jan 1996 $20.00 Master Closet
a163 Telephone Feb 1996 $32.47 Office
a191 CD/Radio/tape Player Feb 1996 $86.48 Office
a168 Myrtlewood Bowl Aug 1996 Office
a227 Bath Mat 2 Aug 1996 $64.88 Master Bathroom
a295 Myrtlewood Bowl Aug 1996 Office
a112 Iris Drawing Sept 1996 $21.35 Living Room
a293 Neuschwanstein Plate Sept 1996 $54.08 Loft
a140 Framed Print of Neuschwanstein c1996 Office
a155 London Bridge Bookend 1996 $4.00 Office
a241 Coca Cola Plush Bear c1996 Master Closet
a297 Christmas Decorations 6 Boxes c1996 Loft
a151 Cel 2 Sept 1997 $18.90 Office
a289 Loft Storage Boxes 6 Sept 1997 Loft
a134 Cat Drawing Dec 1997 Office
a091 Dragon Kaleidoscope Painting c1997 Living Room
a098 Small Neuschwanstein Figurine c1997 Living Room
a223 Electric Hair Clippers Oct 1998 $38.95 Master Bathroom
a037 Green/Blue Wine Glass Dec 1998 Kitchen
a198 Book Bag Dec 1998 $8.61 Entryway Closet
a184 Magic Quarter Bag 1998 Office
a240 Pewter Rabbit Jan 1999 $10.77 Master Closet
a278 Desk Chair Jan 1999 $99.99 Computer Room
a316 Green Glass Ball Feb 1999 $30.36 Outside
a164 Telephone Answering Machine April 1999 $32.46 Office
a344 Chaisse Lounge April 1999 $12.99 Garage
a035 Cutting Board June 1999 $30.30 Kitchen
a225 Glass Jar July 1999 $6.51 Master Bathroom
a356 Vacuum Cleaner July 1999 $30.00 Attic
a200 Softsided Waterbed Aug 1999 $784.76 Master Bedroom
a058 Baking Pan Sept 1999 $9.20 Kitchen
a343 Heated Cat Bed Dec 1999 $34.54 Garage
a038 Beer Stein 1999 Kitchen
a352 Shovels, Rakes, Hoes 11 c1999 Garage
a279 CD Stomper April 2000 $11.64 Computer Room
a059 Banana Bread Tray July 2000 $30.30 Kitchen
a317 Clock July 2000 $17.96 Outside
a245 Overcoat Dec 2000 Master Closet
a026 Assorted Drinking Glasses 3 c2000 Kitchen
a031 Ceramic Serving Bowl c2000 Kitchen
a040 Royal Stuart Bone China Tea Cups 2 c2000 Kitchen
a078 Cookie Sheets 2 c2000 Kitchen
a084 Kitchen Timer 2 c2000 Kitchen
a165 Blonde Wood Index Box c2000 Office
a269 Plastic Magazine Holders 16 c2000 Project Room
a309 Bath Rug c2000 Guest Bathroom
a325 Rain Barrel c2000 Outside
a093 Sony Cordless Phone Feb 2001 $59.29 Living Room
a156 Onyx Bookends 1 Pair March 2001 $31.26 Office
a113 Dolphin Drawing July 2001 Living Room
a005 Myrtlewood Bowl Dec 2001 Master Bedroom
a062 Porcelain Ramekins 8 Dec 2001 Kitchen
a080 Broiler Pan For Oven c2001 Kitchen
a185 Radio-Controlled Clock 2001 Office
a330 Aluminum Folding Ladder 2001 Garage
a236 Neuschwanstein Snowglobe Feb 2002 $57.00 Master Closet
a354 Bosch Brute Breaker Jack Hammer April 2002 $875.00 Garage
a272 Computer Room Tables June 2002 $1076.99 Computer Room
a270 Chrome metal Shelves Sept 2002 $173.07 Project Room
a286 Wooden Shelves Sept 2002 $75.71 Computer Room
a020 Kitchen Clock Oct 2002 $42.22 Kitchen
a351 Wheelbarrow Oct 2002 $25.00 Garage
a193 Multimeter Dec 2002 $18.95 Office
a277 Panasonic Cordless Phone Dec 2002 $49.99 Computer Room
a299 Books 15 Feet c2002 Loft
a300 Picture Puzzles 22 c2002 Loft
a064 Spatula March 2003 $12.99 Kitchen
a092 Rug for Patio Door Entrance April 2003 $42.22 Living Room
a331 Toro 12" String Trimmer July 2003 $32.43 Garage
a287 Dual 1214 Turntable Aug 2003 $42.00 Computer Room
a022 Botanic Garden Dishes Sept 2003 $566.20 Kitchen
a162 Hutch for Office Sept 2003 $49.00 Office
a315 Water Pik for Lauren Sept 2003 $16.24 Back Bathroom
a029 Paring Knifes 3 Oct 2003 $106.09 Kitchen
a070 Tiny cookie cutters Nov 2003 $8.66 Kitchen
a118 Fireplace Screen Dec 2003 Living Room
a046 Napkin Rings from Africa 4 2003 Kitchen
a335 Clamps May 2004 $14.14 Garage
a009 Maytag Neptune Washer/Dryer Oct 2004 $1845.37 Utility Room
a044 Table cloth Dec 2004 Kitchen
a176 Headphones Dec 2004 Office
a103 Big Rig Locomotive Toy c2004 Living Room
a159 Cat Bookends 1 Pair c2004 Office
a197 Beach Towels 7 c2004 Front Entryway
a282 Various USB Flash Drives 15 2004-2016 Computer Room
a357 Large Christmas Tree Stand c2004 Attic
a157 Red Heart Bookends 1 Pair Jan 2005 $69.95 Office
a314 Rugs Jan 2005 $67.12 Back Bathroom
a023 New Yorker Plates March 2005 $37.44 Kitchen
a226 Towels 4 March 2005 $216.50 Master Bathroom
a313 Bath Towels March 2005 $216.50 Back Bathroom
a111 Digital Camcorder April 2005 $204.65 Living Room
a321 Dog Crate April 2005 $60.59 Outside
a085 Kitchen Trash Can May 2005 $8.48 Kitchen
a119 Box Fan May 2005 $16.09 Living Room
a243 Suit July 2005 $1000.00 Master Closet
a220 Bathroom Scale Nov 2005 Master Bathroom
a042 Big Red Glass Dec 2005 $14.61 Kitchen
a090 DVD Player/VCR Dec 2005 Dining Room
a248 Black/Gold Robe Dec 2005 Master Closet
a298 Wreath Dec 2005 $51.35 Loft
a079 Muffin Pans 2 c2005 Kitchen
a123 Water color Sea Serpent Drawing c2005 Living Room
a189 Briefcase March 2006 Office
a333 Fertilizer Spreader April 2006 $43.14 Garage
a202 Lamps 2 Dec 2006 Master Bedroom
a183 PS/3 Wooden Box 2006 Office
a186 Small Japanese Laquered Box 2006 Office
a281 USB Hub Jan 2007 $13.36 Computer Room
a201 Vertical Bookshelf Feb 2007 $335.93 Master Bedroom
a077 Lasagna Pan April 2007 $70.36 Kitchen
a181 Cell Phone July 2007 $64.94 Office
a087 Faux Throw Sept 2007 $27.05 Dining Room
a124 Lamps 2 Dec 2007 $1035.00 Living Room
a158 Iron Bookends 1 Pair Dec 2007 Office
a346 Pecan Street Dillo Sign c2007 Garage
a488 Prairie Mission Style end tables March 2008 $2683.52 Living Room
a280 OCR Bar Reader April 2008 $41.44 Computer Room
a340 4 Plastic Bins June 2008 $34.16 Garage
a150 Amish Bookcase 2 July 2008 $1976.22 Office
a234 Russian Hats 2 July 2008 Master Closet
a180 MP3 Player Aug 2008 Office
a283 8GB USB Flash Drive Aug 2008 $41.10 Computer Room
a302 Suitcase, rolling, red Sept 2008 $86.59 Loft
a231 Hat Box Dec 2008 $18.92 Master Closet
a167 Dremel c2008 Office
a170 Owl Night Light c2008 Office
a285 Powers of 2 BCD Clock 2008 Computer Room
a327 Trash Can c2008 Garage
a350 Black and Decker Battery Charger April 2009 $49.97 Garage
a284 IOmega 1TB USB Disk Aug 2009 $102.83 Computer Room
a276 Drobo RAID Disk System Sept 2009 $349.00 Computer Room
a117 Desert Rose Rock Dec 2009 Living Room
a320 Dragon Bell Ringer Dec 2009 Outside
a235 Graduation Hat c2009 Master Closet
a065 Toaster c2010 Kitchen
a066 Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer c2010 Kitchen
a147 Cat in the Hat Doll and Hat c2010 Office
a232 Hat Box c2010 Master Closet
a194 Paper Shredder March 2011 $21.64 Office
a088 Samsung 46-inch TV Aug 2011 $1053.75 Dining Room
a034 Dish Rack Nov 2011 $34.63 Kitchen
a089 LG Blu-ray DVD Disc Player 2011 Dining Room
a209 Salt Candle Holder Aug 2012 Master Bedroom
a081 Ceramic PopCorn Container Dec 2012 Kitchen
a083 Whirlpool Refrigerator Dec 2012 $2357.65 Kitchen
a169 Valentine Heart-Shaped Box c2012 Office
a196 Canes 3 2013 Front Entryway
a086 La-z-boy Recliner March 2014 $1271.93 Dining Room
a323 Doormat May 2014 $11.88 Outside
a221 Water Pik June 2014 $52.49 Master Bathroom
a274 ASUS Desktop Computer June 2015 $810.79 Computer Room
a190 Metal Detector Oct 2015 $50.00 Office
a322 Gas Grill Oct 2015 $214.34 Outside
a030 Steak Knives 6 Dec 2015 $14.99 Kitchen
a013 Reusable Grocery Bags 2015 Utility Room
a102 Austin Figurine 2015 Living Room
a326 Outdoor Trash Cans 2 c2015 Outside
a275 HP 8610 Printer Feb 2016 $107.99 Computer Room
a465 Tripod for iPhone Nov 2016 $16.23 Computer Room
a288 Technics Cassette Tape Deck 2016 Computer Room
a273 Dell Inspiron Laptop Computer Jan 2017 $249.19 Computer Room
a466 Black and Decker Portable Hand Vacuum March 2017 $27.05 Utility Room
a467 Sears Tire Inflator Air Pump April 2017 $40,58 Garage
a468 Wheelbarrow May 2017 $43.28 Outside
a462 HP Officejet 7612 Wide Format Printer Scanner June 2017 $30 Loft
a469 Linux Computer July 2017 $886.30 Computer Room
a464 Box Fan August 2017 $18.36 Living Room
a470 Ryobi Pressure Washer Oct 2017 $128.82 Garage
a471 Hand Truck Oct 2017 $91.98 Garage
a472 Rolling Suitcase Nov 2017 $57.90 Loft
a473 Lenovo Laptop Computer Jan 2018 Computer Room
a493 iPhone 7 Plus Feb 2018 $800.00 Office
a494 Panasonic Cordless Phones March 2018 $99.99 Living Room
a474 Apple Nano iPod April 2018 $75.00 Office
a475 Ikea Queen Bed May 2018 Back Bedroom
a476 Asus Laptop Computer July 2018 $770.24 Computer Room
a478 Bread Box Sept 2018 $48.70 Kitchen
a477 Digital Oral Thermometer Oct 2018 $7.47 Master Bathroom
a479 SanDisk Clip MP3 Player Jan 2019 $34.17 Office
a480 Pillow Feb 2019 $48.36 Master Bedroom
a481 King Sheet Set Feb 2019 $69.99 Master Bedroom
a482 Ninja Blender March 2019 $54.10 Kitchen
a483 Queen Sheet Set March 2019 $120.97 Guest Bedroom
a484 Coasters March 2019 Living Room
a486 Yamaha Soundbar April 2019 $216.45 Dining Room
a487 Frigidaire Dehumidifier May 2019 $280.37 Living Room
a489 Outside LCD Clock Time and Temperature June 2019 $24.50 Outside
a490 Outside Thermometer June 2019 $21.19 Outside
a491 Lawn Sprinkler July 2019 $19.98 Outside
a492 LG Washing Machine Jan 2020 $836.66 Utility Room
a495 Song Blu-ray DVD Player Feb 2020 $75.76 Dining Room
a332 Toro Leaf Blower/Vac March 2020 $75.74 Garage
a496 Fiskar Pole Saw and Pruner March 2020 49.77 Garage
a497 Fitbit Alta HR June 2020 Office
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