Attic Items -- Item A189


Name: A189: Retractable Pocket comb Date: c1920 Location: Wooden Box

My Mother had these things. She wrote: "Old buttons, button hook, comb, and 1906-7 tape measure found in an old trunk where Marjorie Dozier used to live. The trunk was in the upstairs of the barn. These trunks were never opened until around 1934-1936 when probably the owners died -- maybe no one wanted or claimed the trunks so we played with the contents."

The comb is a small metal rectangle, painted black on the two largest sides. The front, or top, has a small hand painted flower on a ceramic or porcelain oval.

There is a slide on the side of the comb, and moving this slide moves the comb part out of the inside of the metal box, so that it can be used. Sliding the slide back retracts the comb into the metal case.

Unfortunately, although the case is metal (probably bronze), the comb itself was plastic and has broken into several pieces which have warped over time.

On the edge of the metal case is stamped "BR.Co PAT.APRIL 25,1922"

Luckily the records of the U.S. Patent Office are now available on-line, and how many patents could have been issued on "APRIL 25,1922"? It turns out there were 810 patents issued on 19220425. Now it's possible that the patent was not issued on April 25; maybe only the application was filed on April 25. But let's check ...

And after hours of pouring over Patent applications for the 810 patents issued on April 25, 1922, I found it as patent 1,414,042 Pocket Comb Application Filed Nov.7,1921 by Ernest J. Qvarnstrom.