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Attic Items -- Item A136


Name: A136: Bronze Rabbit Casting Date: 1979 Location: box_A3

A Collector's Cabinet Edition
The Bronze Menagerie
by Norman and Herman Deaton
from the Hamilton Mint

and scratched into the back of the figure:

Deaton (c) c c 1977

From the back of the box: "COTTON TAIL RABBITS 26-028 The Bronze Menagerie is a new and exciting collection of fine art miniatures, fashioned in the lasting beauty of cold cast bronze. Based upon the lovable animals commonly found in the forests and fields, each original sculpture in meticulously created to scale and and remarkably prefect in detail. And each....just like nature's own menagerie....is individually and naturally expressive."

Measurements are, 2 3/8" tall, 2" long, 1 3/8" wide Purchased in Massachusetts (in 1979).

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