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Attic Items -- Item A108


Name: A108: Tire Pressure Gauge Date: 1916 Location: box_A2

My Dad had this tire pressure gauge, although it's probably older than he was. It appears to be bronze and has stamped on it: SCHRADER - UNIVERSAL TRADE MARK REGISTERED IN U.S. PAT. OFFICE TIRE - PRESSURE - GAUGE MANUFACTURED BY A.SCHRADER'S SON,INC. PAT'D JULY 6,09 MAR 28,16, OTHER PAT'S PEND. Pictures on the internet of these sorts of tire gauges (they seem to be fairly common and cost less than $20), suggest it was originally chromed, but the chrome plating has all worn off. Weighs 2 oz. 2.5 inches long, 5/8 inch diameter. 4 inches fully extended (which would be 120 lbs of pressure).

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