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Attic Items :: 25 August 2017

We also have a summary page of all the thumbnails.

Thumbnail Item Description Date Location
A094 Tea Leaf Casserole Dish c1900 box_A2
A108 Tire Pressure Gauge 1916 box_A2
A180 Crater Lake Plate A169 c1930 Mom's Box
A181 Crater Lake Plate A170 c1930 Mom's Box
A046 3 old pocket knives 1939 box_A1
A121 Plastic Kitten c1940 box_A2
A182 Crater Lake Plate with fringe c1940 Mom's Box
A186 Wooden box c1950 Wooden Box
A145 Besmo Carving of Antelope Kenya c1960 box_A3
A168 The Capitol Symbol of Freedom 1963 box_A3
A025 Wooden Rabbit Toy 1965 box_A1
A030 Wooden carving of Cat (with mouse) 1965 box_A1
A031 Wooden carving of Two Mice (with long leather tail) 1965 box_A1
A032 Wooden Caricature of Viking 1965 box_A1
A143 Red Vinyl Order of the Arrow Pouch 1965 box_A3
A024 Chrome Statue of Liberty 1966 box_A1
A170 Flying Saucers 1967 box_A3
A039 White Ceramic Rabbit Figurine c1970 box_A1
A072 Donald Duck Cookie Press c1970 box_A1
A075 Four Monkeys Ivory Carving 1973 box_A1
A021 Rat's Skull encased in Plastic 1977 box_A1
A106 Ceramic Picture Frame 1978 box_A2
A136 Bronze Rabbit Casting 1979 box_A3
A028 Small decorative plate with M for Mickey c1980 box_A1
A066 Pin: Pluto c1980 box_A1
A082 Write Rings for Magnetic Tape c1980 box_A1
A088 Bronze Game Tokens c1980 box_A1
A114 Blue Ceramic Scarab c1980 box_A2
A130 Amber c1980 box_A2
A138 Blue Glass Paperweight c1980 box_A3
A146 Myrtlewood Bowl c1980 Office
A147 Wood Plate 1985 Office
A167 Carnegie Mellon University Booklet on Andrew Project 1986 box_A3
A042 Green Silk Nesting Boxes 1987 box_A1
A092 Japanese Pagoda 1987 box_A2
A093 Japanese Wrist Watch 1987 box_A2
A095 Bamboo Display Stand and Fan 1987 box_A2
A133 Five Japanese Ramune Bottles 1987 box_A3
A134 Mickey Mouse Sorcerer's Apprentice 1987 box_A3
A137 Japanese Plastic Banana Sundae 1987 box_A3
A129 Kellogs Cereal Trucks 1989 box_A2
A002 Decorative Plate of Neuschwanstein 1990 box_A1
A022 IBM AIX yo-yo c1990 box_A1
A048 Cigar Box c1990 box_A1
A067 Pin: Minnie Mouse 1990 box_A1
A070 Pin: Happy Birthday Donald Duck 1990 box_A1
A105 Empty Crown Royal Cloth Bag c1990 box_A2
A140 Blue Glass Vase c1990 box_A3
A149 Japanese Figurines c1990 box_A3
A177 Donald Duck Birthday Poster 1990 box_A3
A183 Crater Lake Plate 1224A 1990 Mom's Box
A112 Test tube of Panned Gold Flakes 1991 box_A2
A074 Japanese Calendar 1992 box_A1
A102 Nesting set of wooden balls/globes c1992 box_A2
A126 Porky's Ghost Catchers 1992 box_A2
A019 White Marble Sculpture of Owl c1993 box_A1
A027 Starchart (in Japanese) 1993 box_A1
A118 IBM Power 4 Computer Chip 1993 box_A2
A119 Carrier for Computer Chip 1993 box_A2
A003 Decorative Plate of Neuschwanstein, Lenox 1994 box_A1
A115 Amethyst Crystals 1994 box_A2
A116 Sections of Sea Shell 1994 box_A2
A001 Decorative Plate of Neuschwanstein, Lenox 1995 box_A1
A081 Patch: Don't Mess With Texas c1995 box_A1
A135 Egyptian Cat (with kittens) 1995 box_A3
A131 IBM Internet Bronco Master Layout Mock-up 1996 box_A2
A111 Piece of Versailles 1997 box_A2
A166 Teenage Ninja Turtles Animation Cel 1997 box_A3
A079 Pin: The Shmoo 1998 box_A1
A101 Babe Beanbag 1998 box_A2
A125 Dole Banana Split Locamotive 1998 box_A2
A103 Astro Countdown Clock 1999 box_A2
A148 Slice of Agate c2000 box_A3
A109 Neuschwanstein Ceramic Refrigerator Magnet 2005 box_A2
A110 Neuschwanstein Decorative Plate 2005 box_A2
A169 Daily Variety: Special Commemorative Issue: Disneyland turns 50 2005 box_A3
A144 3M Filtre Bear 2009 box_A3
P008 Baby hair brush 1949 box_A1
P086 Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth c1950 box_A1
P009 Dog tags 1955 box_A1
P006 Wallet with Canadian Penny c1959 box_A1
P020 Green rock Sculpted into Egg c1960 box_A1
P023 Coin Purse c1960 box_A1
P026 Two small wooden pins c1960 box_A1
P038 Metal Shoe Horn from Pennys c1960 box_A1
P122 Beaded band c1960 box_A2
P012 Ceramic on copper 1963 box_A1
P036 Leather Ring c1965 box_A1
P014 Little campaign pins for Greg 1966 box_A1
P043 Pink Ceramic Snail Figurine 1966 box_A1
P091 Debate Trophy 1966 box_A2
P120 Mood Disk 1966 box_A2
P010 Dried Algae 1967 box_A1
P078 Senior Cards 1967 box_A1
P004 Metal box 1974 box_A1
P011 Wooden handle 1974 box_A1
P017 Metal box 1974 box_A1
P076 Slides for IFIP and NCC Presentation 1974 box_A1
P171 Cover paper for MIX book 1978 box_A3
P090 Baby Towel 1979 box_A2
P123 Box of blinking lights c1980 box_A2
P174 Cover paper for OS book, 1st Edition 1983 box_A3
P099 Cardboard and Button Remote Control c1985 box_A2
P142 CMU Washboard Systems Integrator 1985 box_A3
P173 Cover paper for OS book, 2nd Edition 1985 box_A3
P176 ACM Recognition for Computing Surveys Editor 1987 box_A3
P029 Plaster Mold of Jennifer's teeth 1989 box_A1
P113 Clay Computer Display c1990 box_A2
P150 Award for IBM AIX Hypertext Help 1990 box_A3
P151 Plaque for IBM Patent Application 1990 box_A3
P157 IBM Division Award (AIX) 1990 box_A3
P172 Cover paper for OS book, 3rd Edition 1991 box_A3
P175 Cover paper for OS book Instructor's Manual, 3rd Edition 1991 box_A3
P077 Slides for Presentation 1992 box_A1
P044 Plastic Cell Model c1993 box_A1
P158 Outstanding Innovation Award (Power 4) 1993 box_A3
P096 Decorative Glass Dish c1995 box_A2
P139 Bronze Casting 1996 box_A3
P083 Carrying Handle for package 1997 box_A1
P152 Plaque for 10 Gallon Blood Donation 1997 box_A3
P156 Patent 5,668,943 (IBM) 1997 box_A3
P160 IBM First Invention Plateau 1997 box_A3
P165 IBM Patent Achievements Notebook 1997 box_A3
P154 Patent 6,490,670 (IBM) 2002 box_A3
P155 Patent 6,421,775 (IBM) 2002 box_A3
P164 Patent 6,708,181 (IBM) 2004 box_A3
P141 IBM Research Team Award XBOX 360 2005 box_A3
P153 IBM Technical Group Award Mambo 2005 box_A3
P159 IBM Third Invention Plateau 2005 box_A3
P162 Patent 7,020,700 (IBM) 2006 box_A3
P163 Patent 7,080,214 (IBM) 2006 box_A3
P161 Patent 7,231,509 (IBM) 2007 box_A3
P045 Cake Frosting Figure of Neuschwanstein Entrance 2010 box_A1
P178 IBM Honors James (Lyle) Peterson Tags c2010 box_A3
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