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Why run for Congress?

Term Limits Lamar Smith has been a congressman for 20 years. He basically has lived in Washington for the past 20 years. As such, he really isn't representative of Central Texas. He represents Lamar Smith, not Texas. His occupation is "Congressman".

The framers of the Constitution defined two separate Houses of Congress: the House of Representatives has very short terms (2 years). This is because they envisioned this body as being composed of a representative sample of the population -- real people with real jobs who would for a short time represent their area and then go back to it. They did not expect permanent representatives.

It's time for a change; a new representative from Central Texas, who is more in touch with Texas, not Washington.

Issues Our country faces a number of important issues. The current Congress is more interested in getting re-elected than in actually solving our very real long-term problems. We need people who will solve problems, not just run for re-election. The Deficit. The massive growth in the Federal Government. The Environment.
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