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Following is a short history of the important events in my life, trying to at least keep some semblenance of time and place.

James Peterson
Austin, Texas

1949Aug 1949 Jim born
1963-1967Sept 1963-June 1967 Jim at Willamette High School
1965Summer 1965 New York World's Fair
1965Summer 1965 Order of the Arrow Bus Trip
1966Summer 1966 NSF Summer Program in Math/CS at San Diego State College
1967Summer 1967 Dishwasher at Bon Marche Russell's
1967-1970Sept 1967-May 1970 Michigan State University
1969June-Sep 1969 Lawrence Livermore Labs
1969Nov 1969 Trip to New York City to see Hair
1970-1974Sept 1970-Aug 1974 Stanford University
1973-1974Dec 1973-May 1974 Grenoble, France
1974Aug 1974 IFIP 74 in Stockholm (Jim)
1974Aug 1974 Move to Austin (Jim)
1975Jan 1975 Buy 706 Harris Avenue $28,000
1975Apr 1975 Los Angeles for Software Reliability Conference (Jim)
1975Oct 1975 Meet Jeanne Coose
1976Jan 1976 Jeanne moves to 706 Harris Ave
1976July 1976 MIT for Petri Net Conference (Jim)
1977Jan 1977 Trip to Eugene, SF, LA (Jim)
1977May 1977 Jim buys 1977 Toyota Corona SW $4753.72
1977May 1977 Jim and Jeanne marry
1978Mar 1978 MIX Book Published
1978Mar 1978 Jeanne buys Honda Civic $4323.70
1978Mar 1978 Scouting Trip to Pittsburgh, New York, Cambridge (Jim, Jeanne)
1978-1979Aug 1978-June 1979 Rent out 706 Harris Ave
1978-1979Aug 1978-July 1979 Cambridge MA -- year at MIT
1978-1979Sept 1978-June 1979 51 Henry Street
1978Oct 1978 National Electronics Conference in Chicago (Petri nets)
1979Feb 1979 Trip to Austin (Jeanne)
1979June 1979 Jennifer born, Boston
1979July 1979 Return to Austin and 706 Harris Ave
1979Oct 1979 Petri Net Conference in Hamburg, Germany (Jim)
1980June-Aug 1980 Marriage counseling
1980Aug 1980 Trip to Wisconsin (Jeanne/Jennifer) for IBM (Jim)
1980Aug 1980 Trip to Atlanta for IBM (Jim)
1980Aug 1980 Trip to Oregon (Jim, Jeanne, Jennifer)
1981Feb 1981 Kathryn born
1981Mar 1981 Petri Net Book Published
1981May 1981 Vasectomy (Jim)
1981June 1981 Trip to Portland for Text Manipulation Conference (Family)
1981Summer 1981 Work for IBM (Jim)
1982Feb 1982 Trip to Manitoba (Jim and Jeanne)
1982Feb-June 1982 6208B Shadow Valley while remodeling 706
1982June 1982 National Computer Conference (NCC) in Houston (Webster's 7th)
1982Oct 1982 ACM'82 Conference in Dallas (Readability Indexes)
1983Mar 1983 Operating System Book Published
1983Mar 1983 Trip to Disneyland (with kids) at Julie's
1983June 1983 Sell Jeanne's Honda $3000
1983-1985June 1983-July 1985 Information Technology Center, CMU
1983-1985June 1983-July 1985 Rent out 706 Harris Ave
1983-1984Sept 1983-July 1984 Brenner's House (310 Carnegie Place)
1983Nov 1983 Trip to New York for Thanksgiving then the Russell's in NJ
1983Dec 1983 Jeanne's parents visit us in Pittsburgh
1984Jan 1984 Uniform conference in Washington DC (Jim)
1984Feb 1984 Niagara Falls (Jim and Jeanne)
1984June 1984 Trip to Disney World (Family)
1984July 1984 NCC in Las Vegas (Jim and Jeanne)
1984July 1984 Sea World, Cleveland (Family)
1984Aug 1984 Vacation to Oregon (Family)
1984-1985Aug 1984-June 1985 Feinberg's House (5436 Dunmoyle)
1984-1985Sept 1984-May 1985 Kat and Jen at CMU Children's School
1984Nov 1984 Cleveland
1985Jan 1985 Trip to Chicago, Wisconsin (Family)
1985May 1985 Niagara Falls and Toronto (with kids)
1985July 1985 Return to Austin and 706 Harris Ave
1985Aug 1985 Disney World (with Grandma and Grandpa Peterson)
1985Aug 1985 Jeanne buys 1985 Toyota Camry $11,616.55
1985Sept 1985 Jen to Robert E. Lee (1st)
1985Dec 1985 Buy empty lot (10600 Barker Ridge Cove) $55,000
1986July 1986 Move into 10601 Barker Ridge Cove $280,000
1986Sept 1986 Amsterdam and London (Jim and Jeanne)
1986Sept 1986 Sell 706 Harris Ave. $150,000
1986Sept 1986 Jen to Hill (2nd)
1986Sept 1986 Kat to Hill (K)
1987Mar 1987 Los Angeles and Disneyland (Jim and Jeanne)
1987Aug 1987 Japan (Jim and Jeanne) and Oregon (kids)
1988May 1988 Landscaping and Sprinklers installed
1988June 1988 Bookcases in Office
1988Aug 1988 Trip to Oregon (Family)
1988Sept 1988 Jen to Webb (4th)
1989Jan 1989 Jeanne works at Second Looks
1989-1990Jan 1989-June 1990 Rent apartment on Spicewood Springs
1989Jan 1989 Jen to Laurel Mountain (4th and 5th)
1989Jan 1989 Jim starts work at IBM
1989Feb-Sep 1989 Counseling with Vance
1989Mar 1989 NeXT class in San Jose (Jim and Jeanne)
1989Aug 1989 IFIP 89 in San Francisco (XScope)
1989-1993Sept 1989-Mar 1993 Counseling with Paula
1989Sept 1989 Trip to Oregon, (Jim and Jeanne) drive LA to SF, IFIP Conference
1990June 1990 Disney World
1990June 1990 Braces for Jim
1990Sept 1990 Jen to Murchison (6)
1990Nov 1990 Trip to Denver/Estes Park, Colorado
1990Dec 1990 Christmas in Oregon
1991Apr 1991 Trip to Japan, Oita, Tokyo, International Symposium on Shared Memory Multiprocessing (ISSMM) Conference (Jim and Jeanne)
1991July 1991 Family Trip to Boston
1991Aug 1991 Family Trip to Colorado
1991-1992Nov 1991-May 1992 Jim and Jeanne separated, Jim at Gentry's Walk apartment
1992Jan 1992 Jeanne buys 1992 Honda Accord, $17,000
1992Apr 1992 IBM SHARE in Cannes, France (Jim)
1992Apr 1992 Donate book collection to HRC
1992Aug 1992 Jen + Kat to Oregon for 3 weeks
1992Aug 1992 Bathroom shower rebuilt, outside stained
1992Sept 1992 Kat to Murchison (6)
1992Sept 1992 House burglarized
1992Oct 1992 Braces for Jennifer
1993Jan 1993 New Year's in Japan (Jim and Jeanne)
1993May 1993 Agree to Divorce
1993June 1993 Trip to Oregon (Jim, Jen, Kat)
1993Aug 1993 Jen to LBJ Science Academy
1993Oct 1993 Meet Leanne Hanson
1993Nov 1993 Bronze Casting -- Scrooge Head and straight Dragons
1993Dec 1993 Divorce Final
1994May 1994 Refinance Mortgage
1994May 1994 Leanne, Emily and Lisa move in
1994June 1994 Trip to Oregon (Jim, Jen, Kat) and (Leanne, Emily, Lisa)
1994July 1994 Tattoo
1994Nov 1994 Cruise to Cozumel (Jim and Leanne)
1995Jan 1995 Jennifer's Lymph Node Surgery
1995Mar 1995 Leanne moves out
1995May 1995 New York City (Jim and Leanne)
1995June 1995 Camry Engine overheats
1995June 1995 Kat to Oregon
1995Aug 1995 Kat to LBJ Science Academy
1995Oct 1995 Meet Denise Vanderport
1996Jan 1996 Buy 1986 Acura Integra ($2200)
1996May 1996 Trip to Oregon (Jim, Jen, Kat)
1996June 1996 Meet Linda Elliott
1996July 1996 Kat starts dating Seth
1996Oct-Nov 1996 Bronze Casting Dragons (2nd pair)
1996Dec 1996 BMC Party in Houston (Linda, Jim)
1996Dec 1996 Trip to New York City (Jim, Jen, Kat)
1997Mar 1997 LASIK Surgery in Houston
1997May 1997 Sell extra lot (10600 Barker Ridge Cove) $50,000
1997June 1997 Kat to Germany
1997July 1997 Followup to LASIK Surgery in Houston
1997July 1997 Lauren to her Grandparents in OK
1997July 1997 Jim and Linda Trip to Paris
1997Sept 1997 Jen starts UT, Austin
1997Oct 1997 Kat to NCSSSMST, New Jersey
1997Dec 1997 Trip to Oregon (Jim, Kat)
1998Mar 1998 Detached Retina (Jim)
1998May 1998 Trip to Disney World (Jim, Jen, Kat), (Linda, Lauren, Julia)
1998June 1998 Buy 1994 Toyota Corolla (for Kat) $6200
1998June-Aug 1998 Kat works at Huntsman (in Library)
1998July 1998 Lauren to her Grandparents in OK
1998Aug 1998 Jim buys 1995 Mazda Protege $8500
1998Aug 1998 Lauren to Olde Town, 1st grade
1999Mar 1999 Kat and Jen to Oregon
1999May 1999 Linda and Lauren move in with Jim
1999May-July 1999 Lauren at Fast Forward
1999June 1999 Jen and Kat to Oita, Japan
1999July 1999 Jim starts at Netpliance
1999July 1999 Lauren to her Grandparents in OK
1999Aug 1999 Jim, Linda and Lauren to Oregon
1999Aug 1999 Lauren starts Davis, 2nd grade
1999Aug 1999 Kat starts UT, Austin
1999Oct 1999 Linda starts at Deja.com
1999Dec 1999 Linda, Lauren, and Jim to Colorado
2000Apr 2000 Linda starts at OfficeDomain
2000May 2000 Jim sells OS book rights
2000June 2000 Kat moves into Le Montreaux apartment
2000June 2000 Linda sells Round Rock House
2000July 2000 Lauren to her Grandparents in OK
2000July 2000 Jim and Linda to South Padre Island
2000Dec 2000 Trip to New York City (Jim, Linda, Lauren)
2001Feb 2001 Linda starts at Biometric Access
2001Mar 2001 Jim back to IBM ARL
2001May 2001 Jen Graduates UT
2001May 2001 Kat moves back home
2001Nov 2001 Cruise to Cozumel, Grand Cayman (Linda, Lauren, Jim)
2001-2002Nov 2001-Apr 2002 Remodel Computer Room and Loft
2002Apr 2002 Pepper dies
2002July 2002 New Lennox A/C system
2002-2004Aug 2002-May 2004 Dig Drainage Ditch (French Drain)
2003Apr 2003 Linda starts at M.D. Totco (Varco)
2003May 2003 Kat Graduates UT; moves to DC for GAO
2003Sept 2003 Lauren starts Murchison
2003Nov 2003 New Deck
2003Dec 2003 Trip to Washington to visit Kat
2004Jan 2004 Jim's Dad dies (cancer)
2004Mar 2004 Sasha adopted
2004Apr 2004 New Roof
2004Apr 2004 Remodel back bathroom
2005Apr 2005 Jennifer and Byrd marry
2005June 2005 Linda gets Subaru Forester
2005Aug 2005 Trip to London
2006Apr 2006 Rock Planter work
2006June 2006 Trip to Spain
2006Aug 2006 Install Solar PV panels
2006Aug 2006 Lauren starts at Anderson High School
2006Aug-Oct 2006 Jim runs for Congress (Texas District 21)
2007July 2007 Lauren at Sea World Camp
2007Aug 2007 Trip to Oregon (bidet)
2008Feb 2008 Lauren's accident with Forester
2008June 2008 Finish Remodeling Attic
2008July 2008 Lauren at Sea World Camp
2008July 2008 Help Linda's Parents move to Duplex
2008Aug 2008 Trip to Oregon (new microwave for Mom)
2008Sept 2008 Linda gets new Mazda RX-8
2008Dec 2008 Replace Kitchen/Garage Door
2009Jan 2009 Linda's Dad dies
2009-2010Feb 2009-Mar 2010 Dig up Bamboo Grove
2009Apr 2009 Basal Cell Cancer on Ear
2009Aug 2009 Linda starts at Pervasive
2010June 2010 Lauren graduates from High School
2010June 2010 Linda starts at Shortel
2010June 2010 Jim has quintuple (5) heart bypass surgery
2010July 2010 Lauren goes to Hawaii Sea Camp
2010Aug 2010 Lauren starts at Blinn College
2010Oct 2010 Jim retires from IBM
2010Nov 2010 Coco dies
2010Dec 2010 Trip Jim and Lauren drive to Oregon
2011Jan 2011 Trip Jim and Jennifer drive back from Oregon
2011June 2011 Jennifer and Byrd build a garage
2011Aug 2011 David visits
2011Aug 2011 Lauren back to Blinn for sophomore year
2011Sept 2011 Granite in kitchen
2011-2012Dec 2011-Feb 2012 Trip Jim goes to Oregon
2012Jan 2012 Linda gets Oscar
2012Aug 2012 Trip to Maine (Jim, Linda)
2012Aug 2012 Lauren transfers to Sam Houston State University, Huntsville
2012Sept 2012 Linda starts at UT Astronomy Dept project on Dark Energy
2012Nov 2012 Trip to Mom's for Thanksgiving and Mom's 90th
2013Jan-May 2013 Teach CS429 at UT, Spring
2013June 2013 Trip Clear out Mom's House for Sale (Oregon)
2013Aug 2013 Linda gets Mazda CX5; trades in RX-8
2013Sept 2013 New roof and skylights
2013Sept-Dec 2013 Teach CS429 at UT, Fall
2014Jan-Mar 2014 Rebuild Raised Garden
2014Mar 2014 Linda's Hip Replacement
2014Apr 2014 Remove Popcorn from Ceilings
2014Apr 2014 Linda's Mom (Dorothy) moves in.
2014June 2014 Lauren to France, Italy
2014July 2014 Clear out Dorothy's apartment (Bartlesville)
2014Aug 2014 Switch to Medicare
2014Aug 2014 Flagstone on backyard walkway.
2014Dec 2014 Christmas Trip to Vancouver, Seattle (Jim, Linda, Jen, Kat)
2015Feb 2015 Peter and Malgosia visit
2015Apr 2015 Print-on-Demand and eBook of The Oak Island Enigma
2015May 2015 Jim buys 2014 Kia Soul $16,265.47
2016Jan 2016 Southern Exposure: Nursery/Floral Certificate of Registration (Class 1)
2016Jan 2016 Linda "retires"
2016Feb 2016 Audiobook of The Oak Island Enigma
2016Mar 2016 Kathryn's 2008 CR-V to Lauren
2016Apr 2016 Metastatic Squamous Cell Cancer diagnosis (Jim)
2016May 2016 Lauren graduates Sam Houston State College
2016June 2016 Chemotherapy, Radiation Treatment (Jim)
2017June 2017 Finish backyard
2017June 2017 Peter and Malgosia's wedding in Washington
2017July 2017 Hearing Aids
2017July 2017 Kathryn and Seth marry
2017Nov 2017 Breast Cancer (Linda)
2017Dec 2017 Trip to New York, Barcelona Spain, Florence Italy, London (Jim, Linda)
2018Jan 2018 Breast Surgery (Linda)
2018Mar 2018 Broken ankle (Linda)
2018Mar-Apr 2018 Radiation treatment (Linda)
2018May-Nov 2018 Overheight program for TxDOT
2018June 2018 Lauren and Sean marry
2019Jan 2019 MIX Book republished (Amazon)
2019June 2019 Sean William Harrington is born
2019Aug 2019 Dorothy moves to Colonial Gardens
2019Aug 2019 Petri Net Book republished (Amazon)
2019-2020Dec 2019-Jan 2020 Trip to San Francisco (Jim, Linda)
2020Jan 2020 Dorothy moves to Auberge, Cedar Park
2020May 2020 Linda's Mom (Dorothy) dies; Trip to Oklahoma
2020June 2020 WHS Literary Magazine republished (Amazon)
2020Nov 2020 New Trane A/C system
2021Feb 2021 Record cold temperatures in Texas; electric power grid fails for a week
2021Mar 2021 Moderna Covid Vaccines
2021Sept 2021 Linda gets Subaru Forester
2021Oct 2021 4-day weekend in Port Aransas
2022Feb 2022 Jim's Mom dies

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